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Dr Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg

In Memorial
Dr. Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg

Dec 7, 1941 -
July 16, 2001

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December: . . .

 September: . . .Time to Regroup. . .

 August: . . .And The Legends Begins!

 July: Viva The American Audio Revolution
         * American versus Japanese versus Triode Guild®
         * A Challenge to Michael Fermer, America's Mr. Vinylmaniac
         * New York Audio Labs Naked Super Models
         * Quad Owners Club 1983
         * The Digital Devils's Vinylmaniac System Offering
         * An Offering from Shalom and Amber
         * DHT Filament Power Supplies
         * The Power of The Meme
         * Naked Hot Tannoy Westminster Royal Reveals Soul
         * A Thermionic Poem Celebrating Jim Dowdy
         * Aural Supercharger Update
         * Why Craig Schmidt Pisses Me and You Off

         Gizmos From The Other Side
                * Heavenly Wheels #1
                * Mc Gizmoburger
                * Dr. Gizmo is Put To The"Fishing" Ultimate Test
                * Geronimo's New Motorcycle Company
     * A 1947 Harley-Davidson Dealer Every 20 Miles
                * John Wayne's Woody
                * Greenpeace Breakthrough in "Natural" Safe Sex

         The Rock and Roll Messiah is Here
                * Rock and Roll Messiah/Listener Magazine
                * Cast Out of the MTV Garden of Eden
                * Vaic B-52 DHT SET: Ultimate rock and roll amplifier?
                * Sun Audio300B PP Schematic: Terra Incognita
     * News Flash: Buck Rogers Joins our Crusade
                * Moscow's Music Messiah
                * Kill All Audio Reviewers Including Me
                * Vaic B-52:The Ascension of R&R
Art Part II
                * How Old Is Rock and Roll Music?

            * $29 Audio Review Software
            * Heart of Speaker Darkness
            * Hot Glue Trick

            * Listener June 2001
            * Sandorma
            * Sex, Pentodes, Music
            * TGS Shoe Trick
            * Tannoy Pro Monitor
            * Black Hole Amplifier Revew
            * Tube Amp Peak Output

            * 47 Labs Solid State
            * The First Perfect Audio Gizmo
            * Higher Accuracy
            * Parallel Feed OPT Preview
            * Subwoofers Part One

            * Tannoyology
            * A Great American Tradition: Dorcs
            * Gisele, The Supermodel's Favorite Audio Gizmo

            * Modern Thermionic Paradox
            * You Asked For It: Intro to Understanding Tube Electrornics
            * Abnormal Listening Gifts Discovered in Australia: DIY Cables
            * Alien Horn Encounter of the Third Kind

            * Tube Audio Course for Dummies
            * Dynaco 70 Initiation Rites
            * Wholey Houses of Tubes
            * Red Rose Music: Mark Levinson's Tube Transformation
            * Japanese Tube Audio Sites
            * Plants Make Me High
            * 300B SET High IQ
Brain Tweak
   * Egyptian Sun God Channels 2A3 Parallel-Feed SET
            * Dr. Gizmo's 4th Wave Modality SET System
            * Julius Futterman's Pot
            * Save The American Family Through the Audio Arts Awards
            * The Yam Man Makes Offering to Tribe


An introduction

Advice For New Pilgrams On the Path            
            * Wake Up Audio Industry
            * Encyclopedia Tubaniac
            * Death And Ecstasy Are Lovers
            * Who Writes These Articles?
            * In Defense of Audio Asylum Discussions Group
            * At The Nano-Harmonic
            * Kit Building Liberation
            * SETMI™ We Are Not Alone
            * Dr. Gizmo Invites Harry Pearson to a Debate
            * Terms, Definitions and Jive
            * Peek At 4th Wave Modality
            * The TUBE MATRIX
            * Is the Truth About Disortion Distorted?
            * Is Too Much Knowledge Dangerous?
            * The Stone Of Tone
            * If You Are Nervous - READ THIS TRANQUILLIZER
            * Don't Trust Anyone
            * Are Tubes Reliable?
            * Aural Metaphor?
            * Chew On This
            * Double Blind Smell Test
            * For Beginners
            * HI-IQ Insight
            * Music Does Not Exist
            * Outing Audio Engineers
            * Diagram of the Male Brain
            * Music Taboos

New York Audio Laboratory
             * Julius Futterman
             * Moscode

             * Black Hole Amplifier
             * OTL-1 Power Supply
* The TUBE God
* The Quad Owners Club

The Digital Devil™
            * INTRO to Digital Devil™
            * Lunch with Digital Devil™
            * Digi-Smell™
          * Cruising AES Convention

Dancing on the Edge
            * The Best $399 Amplifier
            * My $2.99 Silver Wire Trick
            * Gizmo's Law
            * Music Fort
            * Paths To Power
            * Big Bang Amp
            * David Berning's 300BZOTL & Sunlight Engineering 308 Driver
            * Why Build a Single-Ended Triode Amp
            * Let's Take a Trip to Japan
            * The 2A3 Wave: Part One
            * Sneak Preview: The 300B Karma Sutra Test Procedure
            * Tesla 300B
            * King Vaic
            * Lowther Amp
            * Do You Cream Economically?
            * KR Tubes: An Action Adventure Story
            * The Karma Sutra of 300Bs
            * Batteries Not Included
            * Why Did Bodhidharma Come From The West?

The Wholey Musicmaniac™
            * Dr. Gizmo's Sex Scandal
            * Dr. Gizmo Reveals One or His SECRETS
            * Anti-Guru
            * Be A Dog
          * Hats of Wholiness

            * Man As Art
            * ViagraII
            * A "HOW TO" Course The Whole Wholiness Shabang
* A Poem by Mark Wilson
            * From Dr. Gizmo's Broken Heart

Dr. Gizmo's Magazine Articles
            * Listener 3/2001: King Tone
            * Listener 12/2000: Push/Pull
            * 4th Wave Modality Vinyl Playback
            * Positive-Feedback SPRING 2000
            * 2000 Listener
            * 300BZOTL/Grunberg/PF
            * Audio Adventure Let.
            * Cable Chaos/PF
            * Davis/PF Letter

            * Comos/Listener
            * 3Dear John 9/Steriophile
            * Denial/Steriophile Let.
            * DeWulff/Absolute Sound
            * Dr. Gizmo Birth/PF Article
            * Joe Harley/PF Article
            * KR/Listener Article
            * Millennia/PF Article
            * Mr. Death/PF
            * Nobu/Glass Audio
            * Sid Arthur/PF Article
            * Sun Amp Review/PF
            * Sun Audio/Listener Article
            * Testing/Steriophile

            * Berning's Burning Brain
            * The World's Best Sounding $680 AMP?
            * Death to Dr. Gizmo
* The World's Bisexual ZOTL DHT SET
            * Jennifer Crock slams Dr.Gizmo

Potty Publishing™- Free Books
            * Tannoymania
            * The 300B Convergence
            * Tube Electronics II
            * Vinylmania

SETMIŠ: The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Music Intelligence
            * The Journey to the Nth Dimension of Music Hyper Space
            * SETMI: 99/1

The Triode Guild Wrestling Ring
            * Stereophile Show May/2001
            * Listening to Music in Cindy Crawford's Belly Button
            * Up a Tree: Bansai vs. Accuracy
            * Victoria's Secret Belly Buttons
            * A $30 Trip to Japan That Will Transform Your Life
            * Dr. Gizmo Gets FDA Approval for HAPBR
                 * Update & Factory Recall -- HAPBR MK 1
            * Harmonic Self-Hypnosis
            * Not All 45s are Colts
            * Is Musical Accuracy Dead?
* Tannoy Pro and Vintage Speakers
                      Danish Speakermaniac Shall Set You Free

* One Way Speaker Heaven
            * The Ferocity of Vintage Speaker Coololsty
            * An Award Winning Frog Speaker
* Lift Your Crossover Fog with JENSENS
            * The Aroma of Music: 16 Ohm Alnico
            * Thermionic Speakermania
                    * 300B SET Speaker Alert!
                    * How to Lift Your Crossover Fog
                    * I Feel and Heal Your Pain: The Altec 604
                    * The Marchand Tube Crossover
            * TAD Under Your Nose
            * Bi-Ampling Update
            * Gadzook! Sony High-Efficiency
            * The Horn of Paradox
* Monkey Coffin?
* Speakermania Secret Tweak Revealed!
            * TannoyMania
* Do It Right
            * The One Way Way
* Hot Clay
            * Do It Right
            * Dr. Gizmo's Top Secret Sand Tweak
            * Speaker Forum Letters
            * A Rose Roseness
            * Nobu's Inspiration
            * Paradox of Clarity

The Triode Guild Awards
            * Ed Dell: The Golden Hands Award
            * Dich Olsher: The Silver Bagel Award
            * Triode Guild Awards 2000
* Mike Mathews/SOVTEK 2A3
                      JOHN BROSKIE of

Transcendental Thermionics
            * Optimal DHT Aural Matrix Revolution
            * Aroma of Power Supply Capacitors
            * Optimal Pentode Push Pull Aural Matrix
 * Dr. Gizmo's Birthday Ritual - KR PX-25
            * Are Torroid SET OPT Cool?
            * 2A3 Fly Fishing
            * The 300B Meme: Long Live King Tone
            * Prehistoric Tube Idol
            * Triodzilla
            * World Federation of Triodes 300B Alert
            * Torroid Output Transformers
            * Eric Barbour on Mafia Hit List
            * Blending Coupling Caps in SET
            * KR 2A3 Rumors are True
            * The Rectitude of Rectifiers
            * Lundahlrama-Cool Iron
            * Reinventing Push/Pull: Sun Audio of Japan
                    Supporting Documents:
                        The Future of P/P
                        Sun Audio Schematic
                        Vacuum Tube Valley Listens to SE Transformers
                        Gizmo's Pre-Futterman Push/Pull Amplifiers
                        The November Sun
                        The May Sun
                        Saving - Push Pull
            * Interstage Coupled PP 6B4G Amplifier
            * The Clearest Line Stage of All
            * Why Svetlana Audio Triodes Use Thoriated Tungsten Filaments
            * The Duality of the Magnetic Revolution (or the Yin/Yang of the Triode Revolution)
            * A New SET DHT Aural Matrix?
            * From Vienna: Is There Magnetic Cream?

            * The Orgasmic Impulse in the Audio Arts
            * Let's Smoke a Powerful Psychotropic Plant

The 4th Wave™
            * Plitron Torroid OPT 4th Wave Book
            * Lundahl Armada
            * Lundahl 4th Wave™Modaity II
            * Another Look at 4th Wave™Modaity
            * Set Front Ends
            * Live-Young DHTS

            * Vinylville USA
            * Royal Vinyl Trust/Listener
            * Linn Dream

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