There is one small group that, even more than the makers of transistor gear, want me dead. It is the OTL amplifier manufacturers of America.....because I am getting in the way of them selling their products.

It is not easy selling expensive tube amplifiers in America...even with the help of almost completely uncritical audio press. The problem is that I am the only audio writer who is an expert on OTL amplifiers because I am the man who started the whole commercial trend in the 1980s, and I know the truth about how to use them so they work properly, give reliable service...and sound best.

So when I hear OTL manufacturers lying to the public and telling prospective customers that they can use any "normal" speakers with their amplifiers I get very pissed indeed. What did I do? I have written many articles telling the public not to believe these manufacturers and only use OTL amplifiers with high impedance/high efficiency speakers...and that had to kill a bunch of sales...and explains why I am hated, and why these manufacturers attack me at every chance.

Another tactic they use is to try to convince you that only the Futterman OTL is sensitive to speaker load, which is a lie, so that they can say..."Our OTL amplifier doesn’t have the same problems as the Futterman circuit".

When reading the Stereophile test of the Rozenblitt OTL "80" watt amplifier they noted that the amplifier was able to produce about 20 watts into an 8 ohm load....

The following articles will give you a sense of the battle I have been waging so that you will use OTL amplifiers properly, and thereby enjoy their magic...and have reliable service.


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