During the week I was test driving Geronimo's new 441 Gyro I would often return to the Piety Pie Shop for a cup and a slice and a meditation on the ocean and how blessed I was to be able to travel back and forth between Earth and the other side.

So there I am scoffing a hot home made slice of glory and WHAT and WHO drives up?

John Wayne, looking exactly like he looked in 1938 when he starred in the classic Western "Stagecoach". He gets out of a Woody Gem and walks over to my table and sits down.

The first thing he says to me is,

"Gizmo…I am a vegetarian now, and I am the owner of a clothing company that makes only "Classic Rock and Roll Fashions 1967-1970". You know the whole "Peace and Love Look".

My response: "That is a major shift".

"Now that I am free of that whole bogus Hollywood burden I can chill and enjoy the wholistic organic unity of existence and cars that reflect my true artistic nature that I had to repress while I was on Earth, and that explains my custom Woody".

Is your mind blown? How would you feel having a slice of pie with John Wayne who is wearing a tie-dye T-shirt, hemp bell bottom pants, sandles, and tons of Indian jewelry?

But it was John's custom Woody that was the greatest thrill. Have you ever seen a Woody like this?

As John finished his pie he said,

"Everyone at the commune is working on their own custom VW Woody, and that includes Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, and Charlie Chaplin".

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