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Because 4Th Wave Modality is the coagulation of my three decades of exploration of the audio arts I want to summarize it for you because it will, like the mold that grows in between my toes, infiltrate all of my work:

  1. Audio/Music systems are chaos systems...just like musical instruments. It therefor follows that the best way to understand their operation and achieve maximum musical pleasure is to see our challenge as creating a beautiful musical instrument in our home. It then naturally follows that this musical instrument must be tunable...just like all instruments, because.....
  2. You are a musical instrument. Music is an emotion that only exists in humans.
    Your entire body is your "ear".
    Every musical experience you have ever had effects the one that you are having at this moment. And of course music is an extremely complex emotion that exists on many unconscious and conscious levels, is culturally determined and induces a wide variety of "non-normal" experiences. If it is doing its job properly you will have a "normal" out of body experience. Your musical consciousness is constantly changing, and therefor you must have the ability to retune your music system to reflect the escalation of your musical consciousness. When you start getting bored with your audio system, it is a sign that you need a higher level of experience.....and with 3rd Wave Music system this means you have to start shopping...and that is not cool.
  3. Listening is a gift and a skill, and not everyone has this skill. No amount of equipment purchases will create this gift in you. If you have it, you are blessed, and have an opportunity of experiencing dimensions of existence that others will never know...but like all have responsibility to develop your gifts. And remember the expression that I first articulated on October 4, 1954..."NO PAIN, NO GAIN"....which has become very popular.
  4. There is only one authority of your experience of musical ecstasy, and it is you. No one else knows exactly how to push your the same way no one else knows what kind of love is right for you. The more you invest in other people as authority figures, including me, the more you diminish your power to make your dream of ecstasy come true. Just think of my as your dancing partner.
  5. In a world of digital audio, not being able to tune your audio system is like having a car without a gear box...What am I implying? Most CDs, even of our favorite artists sound like Texas road kill in August and the only way to squeeze the musical juice from the software is by "tuning".
  6. Buying audio equipment is a difficult challenge with is hard because of all the bad information available, misrepresentations by dealers, your inability to audition equipment properly, and this is compounded by the fact that there is no clear relationship between cost and musical pleasure....there may even be an inverse relationships. Not to worry..for the gifted listener everything soon makes sense.
  7. It therefore follows that your home audio system must be tunable; you should be able, without having to constantly buy new equipment, adjust this so that it reflects your higher state of tune.

There is absolutely no good reason why your audio equipment can’t be tunable...



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