Because we are all connected…. when I discovered that my audio bro’ and Futterman amplifier collector had a heart attack I was brought back to the wisdom of the poets and philosophers, whose words can never express what hearts know…because only music can express the dance that death and ecstasy does within our soul.

We have to take a short trip into oblivion to understand why I rage against The Old Audio Testament.

SCENE ONE: When I was thirteen I went for a bicycle race and crashed before helmets bike existed. In one minute my life was changed. I was in a comma, and when I woke up I was a vegetable with a fractured skull, and I didn’t know what happened to me. I had no memory. Soon I realized that I had died and been given another chance.

SCENE TWO: I am sitting alone in a chapel looking at my father’s body in his casket. I gathered my courage and went over and kissed him goodbye. His skin was so cold because he was frozen. That one kiss goodbye changed my life.

I have now explained both my passion and my rage. I have no explained why I serve my bros’.

No other technology on the face of this earth has the capacity to bring us into direct contact with the titanic forces of ecstasy and death…they are inseparable…they are in each of us. Audio gizmos are the tools of ecstasy. Computer gizmos can’t do it. Television can’t do it. Cars and motorcycles get close but no homerun.

Why is this true: audio gizmos are the tools of ecstasy because they permit a soul to soul merging that no other technology enables. What other technology disconnects us from gravity and lets us expand to the size of our imagination? This is the deepest mysterious dimension of music, and it is denied by The Old Audio Testament.

When do we start taking the audio arts seriously? When we know, and I mean in our heart, not our head, we know, we are mortal..and that is the gift that Death gives us.

How much time do you have left, and how are you going to use it?

Abe, thank you for reminding me about what is important.


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