One of the great benefits of being a legend in my own mind and completely neurotic is that I can be honest with my fellow triode bros’. Let’s face it, survival is not easy in today’s world, and for a good reason...we have forgotten the ancient wisdom of survival...

But, before I explore this subject let me make it plain that I hate mamby pamby whining pussy whipped men who slog around complaining....."No one understands me", especially meaning their significant other women who is defining his meaning and is therefor in control of his life. Too many men rely on women to define their virtue and self worth. How many of you worry if you can give a women an orgasm? What’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong is that men have lost their center; that part of their creative being that constructs their own totem of authority. Of course this doesn’t apply to you because you are constructing your own the harmonic dimension. Now that I have had that really satisfying expulsion of existential gas I can continue.


Two of the masters in my life are Lucas and Charlotte Henesy, my god children. Charlotte is eight and Lucas is ten, and they are my best teachers because they ground me in the eternal and timeless pursuits of the human soul.

So, now it is time for me to remind you of an essential harmonic of your soul, one that is as old as your DNA, and one that you have probably forgotten, though it is one of the most satisfying the uplifting dimension of your creativity.

Do you remember the forts you built? Children build forts because humans are born fort builders...both physically and metaphorically. What is more satisfying than taking a bunch of chairs, small blankets and assorted pieces of furniture and constructing your own special sanctuary?; a place of your own that you can share with your friends; a place that feels so right, so safe, so you, and so not big enough for adults to intrude upon....just like the one Charlotte built the last time I visited her. Charlotte was rightfully so proud of her construction project. It was an enormous feat of creativity, and she beamed when she showed me her work, and honored me by letting me enter it.

And I have seen Lucas busy at work constructing a special place in a tree that is far enough off the ground to make his mother Lori, tremble with fear. What can feel better than being up a tree with some friends on a warm summer day, just hanging out in our tree house? This experience is so rich with pleasure and imagination that many adults build tree houses and I have seen books on this subject and even television shows which show how to build your own adult tree house.

We can not separate the joy of having our own fort from the creative process of building, so that it is us; it is ours, it is a perfect expression of our fantasy world, even if it is made of corrugated boxes. What is more important to our self esteem than know we have the ability to protect our own soul? And of course America, which is heavily invested in the Old West, is heavily invested in the romance, drama and heroism of Western forts....with the army coming to the rescue just in time.


What we know, and what the existentially impoverished of the audio industry don’t know, is that when we create a music system, especially those with our triodes, we are constructing a is metaphoric, it has no material substance, but none the less, it is our fort and it effects us in the same deep emotional way as our childhood forts.

A man who is not building his own unique music fort is not only asking for trouble, he is asking to be spiritually violated. He is asking for his boundaries to be violated by not creating his own sanctuary...his own sanctum sanatorium of music....a place of safety where his soul can grow,glow and explore new territories. Or, a place that protects the tenderness of his heart from the brutality of the world.

There is a reason that women don’t understand men. They are not supposed to. Women may not understand your ancient need for a metaphoric dematerial music fort, and no explanation will help her understand, in the same way you will not understand her swooning over Chintz. In many cases when understanding is not possible, mutual respect does the job.


Don’t be fooled by big stones or big amplifiers. Some of the biggest stone forts quickly crumbled. Build your fort with your imagination. Your fort is your imagination that is stirred by your music system.

Which brings me back to why I recommend that you build a piece of tube gear. Even if it only has one tube in it. This is the process that creates the most efficient music fort, because it is closest to the fort you created with your child’s heart...and that is the whole point of music is safe enough so that the mysterious child in you comes out and plays, and shows you the way...shows you the music in your soul.

Over and out from the Nth Dimension of Music HyperSpace.



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