Can any of you appreciate the thrills of being one hundred percent right in my predictions including: Lowthers need amplifiers designed just for the them......only the dumber than dumb wouldn’t get that..right? Remember... I was once made OTL amplifiers basically for Quad speakers so I am totally down on the idea of optimal speaker and amplifier combos because I know how hard it is to mate happily...just ask my eight wives.

I believe the current interest in Magnequest’s para-feed output transformer concept is directly related to the expansion of Lowther consciousness. Here we are dealing with music minds that must be on the edge..they have no choice, and the Lowther is one of the most demanding relationships a man can have. I will admit that Quads are pussy cats compared to Lowther ferocity. That is why they are growing in popularity...they are a perfect analog of love which must cause us both pleasure and pain to endure. Am I saying that a Lowther is a S&M music experience? Let me say that question differently...Am I saying that Lowther is an opportunity to discover a profound truth? It’s potential, not its realization, is what draws the tweaker bees to this honey. This is a very very good thing and I celebrate and salute this new divine madness by acknowledging Jim de Kort a thermionic-techno-shaman from Holland, who I believe has entered a very high Zen state...so high that I wonder if, in fact, Jim has not already dematerialized and it is his pure spirit that is doing the work. Remember...you can only get really heavy when you get very very light....which is why the invisible is always the most powerful.

If you are into the poetry of schematics and circuits check out this new amplifier based on the new "midget" DHT tubes from Alesa Vaic. Though these tubes are brand new they are causing a major buzz because the concept of going back and designing the "primal bang" 1930s SET for the Lowthers has the potential for brilliant manipulation of the aural matrix. My intuition is telling me that, in the same way the Magnequest para-feed, when it is fully develop, will create a unique and thrilling expanded aural matrix....this concept is also creating a new Lowther aural matrix,

It is an irresistible idea: Jim’s uses of both the AV5 and AV8 surrounded by lots of super high quality iron...input transformers, plate chokes, interstage transformers which could be a real aphrodisiac for the Lowther....and there will soon be dozens of variations in this concept.....


This is just the beginning of the "midget" DHT because we are surging back to the primal time conundrum....we are going further back in order to advance. No sooner did the new 2A3s appear and interest in this 3-5 watt tube, we are beginning to see the appearance of ultra sublime 2-3 watt tubes, and I will bet you my collection of rare bagel art that very soon we will back at the primal DHTs...the Western Electric bulbs.....which is the only way you can become too cool is with your 1/2 watt DHT amp....but who needs more for the Lowther?

Can you see my thermionic metaphoric construction: I am showing you a ladder ascending into Lowther Heaven, and as you get higher the design of the tubes becomes older and much lower in power...you are ASCENDING TO MICRO-POWER,

This is one of the most fascinating paradoxes in the audio arts, realized or understood by few, yet it is the Lowther path and more and more are traveling it on it in wonder. (Beware of naked beggars selling transistors from their trench coat)

In closing I will offer and demand, a man to man integrity from you, by asking you this question....let’s face it...the competition out there is fierce...accelerated by the web...it is getting harder and harder to maintain our lofty position on the top of the audio hierarchy.....using a half watt amplifier with a tube design from the 1920s....how can you get any cooler than that?

Who will be first Vaic or Kron in coming out with the primal DHT? Because the first one will make Japanese audiomaniacs go gonzo on the Ginza.

You now know what to do. Go to pieces in peace my sons and bravely solder to know this truth: A man will live to be one hundred if he THINKS LIKE A FOX AND PEES LIKE AN ELEPHANT




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