Newbies have heard and read about the controversy around double blind testing which is one of those great audio testing scams, so I wanted you to be aware of the only double blind test that really works.....

One of the reasons that directly heated triodes are virusing the world, in spite of the fact that mainstream audio pretends they don’t exist, is because of how they affect our sense of smell.

To prove my point I conducted a double blind A/B ( I WAS BLINDFOLDED) test to verify my claim. Here’s how my test was performed with the help of Albert Von Schweikert.

On a table before me was placed a live naked women. ( All of these tests with dead naked women tend to give false results). Using Von Schweikert speakers I was given a chance to listen to the same music with a high quality pentode and a high quality directly heated triode amp. I did not know which amplifier was playing but during the passages of music it was my task to sniff the body of the naked women on the table. Albert Von Schweikert monitored the test and took notes on what I was smelling, both in quality and intensity.

I even tried the test with nose plugs, as a way of determining the absolute limits of the aroma of tubes.

Well, I am sure you have guessed the results. Only when the directly heated triodes were in use could I detect the subtle aroma of old black leather jacket, hot V-8 motor, wet comic book, fresh live bait, a six pack of Bud, chewing tobacco, Colorado trout stream, mango, lilac and sushi, that was subtly ingrained in this women’s body.

With the pentode amplifier I only could smell moldy cheesy toes, rancid arm pits and watermelon.

Do you get my drift sailor? The nose knows and is connected directly to our hearing center.




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