Because of the growing world-wide popularity of The Triode Guild I have been receiving more and more emails that ask this question:

Dr. Gizmo,

Did you write all of these articles? And I am having trouble understanding some of the language you use. Is it English? Are you being medicated for your ailment?

I must now respond to these questions.

Most of the articles on this site have been written while I was in a trance or while I was sleeping. When I wake up from one of these states I discover new articles in my computer, and I don’t have a clue how or why I wrote them. But I don’t care, because I know accept that I am a channel for some higher force that is using me to do its work. You might say I have surrendered.

As for the inventive language: as you know the English language, or any language, is very limited in its ability to convey meaning, so for some unknown reason the force that channels through me invents new words, or phrases to go beyond the wall.

Unfortunately there is no known cure or medicine for my ailment. It is a fatal disease, and some day I will die from it. That is why I find such joy in living the last remaining one hundred years of my life..which is all too short.

In closing let me give you this comfort…I too am confused my what I write. It often amazes me that these thoughts have flowed through me. It takes time for me to absorb their full meaning. Some of them are absurd. I therefor apologize for any confusion my words cause.

On the other hand, I am just doing my job as a humble servant to a higher force.

I also remind you that you can ask me to consider, as a channel, any important question..like "What is the meaning of dark beer?", or "Why doesn’t the audio business enjoy music?"

Dr. Gizmo



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