Dr. Gizmo as Art

"Dr. Gizmo as Art..Now It is Your Turn"


I am asking YOU to become a beacon of beaudacity, which means become a inspiration to your friends, family, business associates, and bros' in cyberspace. The way you accomplish this is by making yourself into the work of art that you are. Become The Creator. This is your responsibility. I will shortly explain how to do this. It is very simple. Follow along.

Every man has the right stuff to assume this challenge, because every man has the capacity to shine with beauty, and that is what matters. All that I am asking of you is that you be the art that you are. All that I am asking you to do is be what men have been doing until the modern world changed the definition of man to "bread winners". All that I am asking you to do is to forget all the bullshit you have heard what about what real art is. Real is art is the meta-gizmo, the things we create with our heart and that includes everything from fishing flies to a tool chest, to a leather jacket to a restored clock or motor…an audio system….or the picture we create….like the one I am asking you to send me. Which is more beautiful, a perfectly restored 1930s John Deere tractor or Mona Lisa?

This BE A BEACON OF BEAUDACITY project is about art as currency…as a means of exchanging value….just like the good old days when we lived in tribes. This project is all about each of us sharing with our brothers our trilogy of coolosity, groovosity, beaudacity, and that aint no lingo jive…that is what Pow Wows, clan meetings, rallies are all about….the sharing of beaudacity, the trading of meta-gizmos. In this project I will suggest easy ways to create works of art, that will express your beaudacity and how to include them in our new cyberspace museum

This is going to be…. NOT DO AS I SAY, but, DO AS I DO, do as men have done for 50,000 years, or more. To accelerate this artification process I will go first, to kick start the project. Soon it will then take on a greater power because you will be able to see the art work of so many other men…and that could be a picture of anything from, the work of art you "cut and paste" (like I am requesting, like my collage), to a fishing lure, to a beautiful garden, to a 283 cubic inch motor, to your custom made amplifier….each in their own right a beacon of beaudacity.

All of the BEAUDACITY EMPOWERMENT PROJECTS, all of the simple meta-gizmos, I will suggest here on this web site can be made with the type of simple stuff you have around the house, can get at a hardware store, super market, candy or local junk yard. Much of what you need is already around your house.

I will prove that no training of any kind is needed for you to create a "beacons of beaudacity". All you need to be able to use glue, scissors, razor blades, a screw driver and a paint brush. If you have greater skills and make more complex works that's way cool, but that is no guarantee of shining…this process is always about the heart you put into your art…not the technique.



It didn't take long to make the connection. My compensation for the intense work I do in serving you is the pictures of works of art that you send me….of you as art. Because I am a techno-shaman I have the expertise to differentiate between hi and low level inspiration. And I have met some of the worlds greatest spiritual leaders, so I know the vibe. The beaudacity that has filled my computer screen is more palpable than the flavor of this chocolate rich Maduro cigar I am smoking right now. Inspiration is as essential to the male health diet as barbecue. Without it our souls turn into the dreaded Tofu of despair. I want to escalate this creative interchange between men. I want to add a turbo-charger to the male artification process.


It naturally follows that my responsibility is to create a place to house and exhibit these new works of art….IN CYBERSPACE. The world's first International Museum Of Beaudacity will be the place that my artful brothers can exhibit, and thereby inspire. No need to go through all of the pains and struggle of convincing the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or some gallery to exhibit your work. DO IT NOW AND DO IT HERE.


When your original work of art is finished, I would like you to, either send it to me as a digital file, or send me a color copy. If you have made a three dimensional object then I will need to see at least a few views of it.

If you think it is meaningful for your art, include a description of yourself or the work, but I remind you that descriptions and explanations can diminish the capacity of your work of art to challenge our imagination. Have confidence that your art will speak.

There are some exceptions: If you are into baking, brewing or any other significant form of culinary art, not only will I need your picture but I need you to send me some samples, especially chocolate chip cookies, or brownies.



That would be cool, and dreams have power.


Don't just do this for me, or for you, do it because it is the art in your male heart that transforms through inspiration…just stare at a 1948 Ford Woody for a few minutes, and experience what happens to your spirit.




You are probably reading this article on the potty and are probably confused. What the hell does Gizmo mean when he says I should make myself into work of art? Is Gizmo some kind of ex-Commie pervert weirdo?

This may not be easy for you to grasp when you look at the mirror at the back of the bathroom door, but you are art, and we can get into a long winded hyper-bullshit discussion about this or…. you can make the leap. You can jump off the bridge with your bungee cord on, because even if you have never considered yourself a work of art, I am going to prove it to you…right now. The truth is powerful, and it tolerates no whiners or complainers.

GAZE AT THE COLLAGE I MADE. The title of this picture is THE WHOLE SHABANG. When you study it closer you will note the powerful graphic symbolism, which I think does a damn good job of expressing fifty thousands years of my development. I know it is confusing because you are wondering if you have seen this magnificent work of art hanging in a museum. You may be confused by the powerful emotions it inspires. Some may feel like they are hallucinating, or feel light headed. Others may feel short of breath and feel like crying. This picture of me says more about my soul than all of my articles and books. I am sure that scholars will study very seriously my art on the their potty. This will be the first time in the entire grand sweep of art, that an artist has created a new genre of art to be both exhibited and studied in the potty…and you are part of this movement. THE POTTY ART MOVEMENT has begun.

All of these unsettling physical responses are normal responses to profound art....and I am asking you to create such a masterpiece about yourself…a powerful symbolic picture with you right in the center….just like mine.

This is as easy as third grade "cut and paste"; and you need no formal art training, or any computer graphics programs. This is the old cut and paste trick. The tools you need are a fine scissors, a razor blade and an Exacto knife...and your source graphic materials. If you use a computer cool…but don't create any "I can't" excuses.


Let’s stop the self-delusion; words can not express your complex multi-dimensional truth and beauty, they are too feeble. Of course people don’t understand you...but don’t feel guilty about it. Of course people don’t understand you...because, who you are can’t be explained with words....and this is where your ascending consciousness kicks in like four Holly Deuces on an Edelbrock manifold.

Rather than sit there and bemoan this tragic fact of masculine life, you are going to accept the limitations of "normal" communications and you are going to do are, like me, and our bros', going to create a profound work of art that speaks some significant truth about you. It wont be a complete revelation, no one piece of art can accomplish that. Yet, over the next decades a pattern will evolve, leading to your own private museum, dedicated to you.

My suggestion is that before your museum is built that you place this, your first picture (and the soon to be growing collection of your personal art), right on the wall above your potty. This is your chance to take the most boring room in every house and transform it into a temple to the male spirit. How thrilling it would be to walk into a bathroom, and instead of seeing bullshit little animals and flowers, you see the concrescence of humanity.

Once again let your eyes feast on my picture. As you can see I used a combination of magazines as a source of graphics, including, fishing catalogs, old Harley-Davidson catalogs, WW II military vehicle magazines, audio magazines, and various other esoteria that interests me. It took a few hours to create this picture, and yours wont take much longer. LIKE I SAID…NO EXCUSES.

ATTITUDE/CHARACTER MATTERS: This artification process is much easier to slid into if you can get into an attitude or a character. Accept that that many different people dwell in your soul house. Pick one of those characters to create your art, and let the art express that character's intense uniqueness. If it is the bad boy in you, let your art express his vitality. Just take a strong point of view…because that is where our strength is strongest…a conviction that the entire history of maleness lives in every man. Every man is filled with the darkest to the lightest…and it is our job to celebrate our Wholiness.

SUBJECT MATTER: That is for you decided, but a picture of you must be in your work of art. It can be a picture of you when you were six or sixty. You don't have to be alone, you can include others in your picture.

When you create your picture have fun....shuffle the images around. Take a pause and come back. Don’t worry about being logical...this is beyond logical this is art.....JUST MAKE YOURSELF INTO A BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART...let the thing you create reflect your spirit.

A HELPFUL HINT: I find that when I am doing cutting and pasting that keeping a glass of milk and cookies nearby helps.


1.Send it to me so it can be exhibited in the museum

2. Make lots of color copies because you will be handing them out to all of the important people in your life, who will frame this work of art and put it in an important place. Be sure to give copies to your co-workers at you place of work.

3. Frame it and hang it above your potty

And why not make these type of pictures of your loved ones. A way cool gift.


Coming soon



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