The Search for Extraterrestrial Musical Intelligence




After a number of totally harmless alien abductions which were followed by very intense dreams I started to ask myself what was really going on. Certainly there was greater meaning to these abduction than me just teaching the aliens how to party and enjoy barbecue. But it took a dream to help me understand the really big picture, and this dream occurred after a very frustrating night in the Triode Guild Audio Astronomic Observatory. There was a slight 300B harmonic haze over the sky which prevented me from completing my deep music probe into the One Harmonic Which is Many. Those of you who are not familiar with this frustration will understand it better in this is the haze of all passive crossovers and unregulated power supplies.

During my dream I was walking around the grounds of The Triode Guild watching all of the wild pre-1950 6SN7s blooming when I heard a big noise over head and looked up and right above me was a huge dirigible, which slowly descended. As I looked up I saw Nobu Shishido at the pilot’s wheel beckoning me to climb up the rope ladder. Then to my astonishment I saw and heard Robert Johnson playing his guitar. That was the dream.

Thank God for the insight I gained from ten thousands years of psychoanalysis. The One Harmonic Which is Many, in the form of Nobu, was telling me to take The Triode Guild Astronomic Audio Telescope and mount in a dirigible so I could get beyond the limitations of being earth bound audio systems, and this is most important...Johnson’s playing; his harmonics, was telling me that I should start searching for The Twang before the Big Bang.

I don’t know why I was selected to lead the search for higher forms of musical intelligence, but that was obviously why the aliens where abducting me...they were trying to tell me, through all of those needles inserted in my belly button, that they wanted to stimulate the expansion of the boundaries of music imagination for gifted listeners so that they could max out on music ecstasy in their home.

What was so exciting about this from and audio engineering point of view was the possibility of creating audio technology that would be impossible to construct on earth. There are significant technological and engineering advantages in working at the Nth Dimension of Music a horn speaker with a 100 foot throat.




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