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What is the meaning of life? Answer: to be, to live our whole being. That is the ultimate mystery, and then soon we are dead.

From this simple truth flows the Wholey Imperative: we compelled to explore all of the rich, complex dimensions of our soul; we must strive to be brilliantly the paradoxes, engimas, and conundrums that we are, rather than to hide and fake it.

This notion was and is embedden in most ancient culture, was leeched out of modern scientific rational culture, and we have suffered terribly for it. Just consider the rise of divorce in America, the failure of marriage, the rise of violence in the cities as phenomenon perfectly tracking the growth of transistor audio gear. How much convincing would it take for me to convince you that while tube audio gear was the only way to listen to music America was a kinder, gentler place to live, and families played miniature golf together.

In once again committing ourselves to our wholiness we are recreating the holy qua authentic.....and America’s media is filled with the Wholy that are not wholey and they are marketing infomercial spirituality that has no value because not one of these television ministers meets the minimum standard of wholiness.

This is why we must redeine wholiness in modern terms so that holiness can once again have meaning, and I am suggesting that your wholiness is the basis for all holiness. This may explain the exploding popularity of the bagel which as you know is both wholey and holy.

How important is this type of wholiness? It is important enough for the term, THE WHOLE SHABANG to be invented, and that is exactly what we are going to do....put the shabang back into the holy.