Because I have a responsibility to expand your vision of the audio arts I must use the wisdom of the ancient there I was watching the MTV Fashion Awards and there was Tara Banks wearing one of those skin tight knitted tops that made millions of horny hot dogs in the audience cream, and what did I notice...I noticed what you didn’t notice...I noticed Tara’s belly button. No one ever looks at Tara Bank’s belly button because they are concentrating on the most obvious hardware....

So I went to my local Victoria’s Secret Lingerie to shop around for some underwear, which I love to do to balance out my energy. I love rubbing lace undies all over the my body as a spiritual exercise. While there I picked up the new Victoria Secret’s catalog which, as you know, is designed for men, and I took a very close look...not at what you guys normally stare at, but at  all of the belly buttons of the super models. Have you ever taken a close look at Stephanie Seymour’s belly button?

I strongly suggest you go to your local Victoria’s Secret and pick up their catalog, or order it, or go to their on line catalog, and check out all of the super model belly buttons. Did you notice how hard it is to change the way you look at beauty. Did you notice how easy it is get trapped into looking at the same old thing the same old way?

Why is this such an important exercise for the high end audio business? Just think about the possibilities. If high end audio dealers had models standing in their windows wearing Victoria’s Secret lingerie more gifted listeners could check out their belly button, and start rethinking their attitudes towards the audio arts...and who knows....our tribe might prosper.

If you have any interesting insights into belly buttons or new ideas about the audio arts...send them along.

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