How can you design anything simpler in push/pull circuit? That question explains why so few American designers are creating circuits like this. How can you claim..breakthrough, newer and better, or, look what I invented? Let’s get real..designers have egos, and that is the fun of designing. Americans don’t yet get Less is More. The Japanese ego is very different, which makes possible such Zen circuits. There is no push/pull circuit that is closer to a single-ended circuit in terms of simplicity and that is why it can create that single-ended spookiness.

The only down side to this circuit is its low gain, but the price is right.


Now let’s get into the interesting artistic implication of this circuit...let us assume that we are going to change only one element...the input/driver tube. What if we used some ancient directly heated triode, or a 76 or a Western Electric 417? Get my point of the fun we could have by just using a different first stage?

Those of you who are using big multi-tube pentode amplifiers should view this schematic and see plastered all over it ...RELIABLE...made possible by so few parts, used in such an understressed way. Now check out the construction layout.Does it remind you of a piece of WW II military electronics?...I can spend hours just staring at its naked beauty.





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