Many of your don't know that I was the first man to use the expression SHIT HAPPENS, and since then this expression, which is often used by existentialist to explain the true nature of reality.

Here is a perfect example…and why the random events in our lives are there to teach us important lessons.

I had just finished having a meeting with some of my alien musicmaniac friends in Katz's Deli, on Houston Street in NYC, and I was on my way downtown to check out the art galleries and the beaudacious babes walking their dogs…and a major thunder and lightening storm started…which is cool…because I love the bass transients of thunder…so I decided to brave the storm. As I made a left turn on Houston and West Broadway…..I saw lightening strike the top of the Empire State building and then….I heard a awesome thunder clap….

And then next thing I know I am shooting up a tapered quarter length pipe of white light and wind up at a gate that says ONE WAY SPEAKER HEAVEN, and this dude with one eye, one ear, one nostril, one arm, and one leg greets me with a big smile…and he has only one tooth. He introduces himself, with one word…"Hi", and then beckons me to follow him…..

As you know from viewing my web site, I am the world's foremost authority on male heavens…because so much shit has happened to me…I have been to most of the truly great male heavens….and this one created by JAMES MELUISH, is where one way speakermaniacs hang out..and so should you…and you don't have to be struck by lightening to get there….

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