As you approached Mr. Futterman's shop on the second floor of a building on the corner of 72nd street and Broadway in New York City you began to smell a very nasty odor the smell of burning shellac.

Mr. Futterman wound his own power transformers because he believed that no commercial winder could duplicate his design. OTL AMPLIFIERS NEED VERY SPECIAL POWER TRANSFORMERS.

After he wound his transformers he would put them into this pressure cooker pot that his wife gave him and put it on hot plate and cook it for a few hours and as you can see some of the shellac dripped over the side and on to the hot plate and burned.

Next to the Futterman pot is the first commercial OTL amplifier every made, the H1; it is Julius's personal amplifier that he gave me. I recently repaired it and listened to it.

This tiny 15 watt mono OTL amplifier is the MOTHER OF ALL OTLS this little amplifier is the OTL BIG BANG.


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