For the last year, or so, I have been writing about my 4th Wave Modality SET Amplifier system that heats my apartment, but I have been reluctant to post a picture of it. As you know I am very emotionally sensitive and insecure, and get very upset when the type of audio junkyard dogs that hang out in audioasylum criticize me or make fun of me. Why can't I get no r-e-s-p-e-c-t?

I too have wondered if my audio addiction was getting out of control: http://www.meta-gizmo.com/Tri/triodzilla.html

My bros' have forwarded emails they received from their friends that claim:

But the more complete answer is simpler:

Music is an addiction, and I am hooked for a very long time and I only use the most refined.

Life is short, and while I am alive why not experience the best?




Tweeter amp power supplies: Those two big power supplies are the variable tube regulated supplies for the tweeter amps. They are pre-1964 and have absolutely NO SILICON oil caps, tube rectifiers, neon regulator tubes. These power supplies uses 807 tubes as regulators. Above them, sitting on a piece of plywood are FOUR variable DC regulated "filament" power supplies…one for each output tube. I operate my filaments in DC at about 10% below their rated voltage because I can hear AC noise.

Four Channels of SET amplifiers. Using four pieces of plywood and shelf brackets I mounted all of the tubes, plates chokes, interstage transformers, input/driver circuits to they out in the open. I use Johnson tube sockets for the output tubes because they sound best. In the space underneath these plywood "shelves" you can see the PLITRON torroid output transformers, and in the back of them the oil/decoupling caps for the regulated power supplies. The two center amps pictured have KR PX25 tubes which I am using on the tweeters, and the two outer amps use KR 300 BXL on woofers.

You can't see the Marchand tube crossover or my digital equipment in this picture.

Under the amplifiers you will notice one big tube regulated power supply which is used for the input driver stages of all the amplifiers. Having a completely independent power supply for the front ends and the output stages is a big plus. To the right you can see two Lambda tube regulated power supplies for the output stages of the two woofer amplifiers.. These are circa 1970 and use 6550s as regulator tubes. They are not as refined sounding as the older units, but have better slamosity..and higher voltage range.

Summary: I am use five independent variable tube regulated power supplies for four channels of SET amps.

Above the amplifiers on the walls are some real BEAR SKULLS and African masks. These have a dramatic effect on the sound quality of these amps…for a thermionic techno-shaman.

You notice all of the wires. I can connect and disconnect power supplies and OPTs, output tubes, and input circuits in just a few minutes. This permits me to choose which power supplies I want to use which brand/type of tube. Because my output tube filament supplies are adjustable I can use any type of DHT in any amplifier.

I could spend more time discussing the details, but I have gone about as far as I want without causing a violent backlash from the accidental mealy minded mediocres who might discover this article.

As you can see I have four channels of completely flexible SET amplifiers which explains much better this jogulation of your meta-context: http://www.meta-gizmo.com/Tri/therm/OPT_DHT.html

Are you impressed by this beauty? Can you understand why women, and especially Martha Stewart don't understand my highly developed aesthetic sensibilities?

How much did this jumbolation of audio gizmos cost…especially since the power supplies I bought from surplus dealers? About $3K.

Are you ready for some sand kick in your face? Spend $250K on store bought amplifiers and you can't get this level of performance.

Now you know why I must bear the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune while we shred the perimeters of the audio arts.


WARNING: Don't even think about imitating this strategy if you have pets, small children or don't have years of experience "playing" with high voltages.

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