As I was musing about audio circuits I was thinking of my BLACK HOLE AMPLIFIER,(see under Triode Guild Museum of Art) which was the first, and is still the only, amplifier that can reproduce the voice of God. And then I remembered what experience stimulated its creation, which I will describe shortly....and then I realized that it is the same theme....the meta-gizmo that transforms.

Because I wonder if you really get it, I want to see if I can fairly efficiently create the whole wholiness shabang which integrates, for the first time in human history, existentialism, beaudacity and metagizmology. This will be your meta-view.

A meta-gizmo permits us to experience the presence of the Wholey One reflected in our maleness. That is the fundamental meta-gizmological point of view. Because this simplicity may be hard to grasp let me get very concrete.

You are standing in front of your motorcycle. It is shining in the morning light, and its radiance is blinding, and you are filled with awe, fear, excitement...your body is urging for a merging, and when you hit the start button, a voice erupts that makes your skin ripple with bravado. The Wholey One has spoken. Millions of men every day have this experience; it is common, and profound. It is the intensity of this Wholiness that compels us to struggle at our artful machines, whether it is a motorcycle, car, boat, truck or bicycle. Men know it because it is in their DNA.....the more we polish the greater in intensity is the presence of Wholey spirit, who clearly manifests its glory in mufflers. We are ready to paint, chisel, chop, bang, weld, wrench...do what ever job needs to be done to make contact with higher dimensions of beauty.

Who hasn’t felt the Large Force when standing in front of a perfect 1948 Woody?


Men know the truth and it emerges deep from within our souls and we trust it. The real church may be the bass pond. The real synagogue may be in the cigar. The real mosque may be a 283 cu inch shortblock Chevy. For the cynic, who needs an extra heavy dose of wholiness, the ashram may be a pair of dual 40 mm IDF Weber carburetors, or the tone of 300Bs.

What follows is a Wholey Check list to help you assess the state of your state of beaudacity. This list will grow as our brother’s share their wisdom. Don’t spend too much time reading about them...just do what you have to do....and be the work of art that you are.


Those long winded self-help books are bogus. Men need clear precise instruction and efficient means to uplift their spirits...here are some proven basics CONCRETE real male wholiness superchargers. Try them and see how you feel. Where I think there is a meta-gizmological deficiency I describe "META-GIZMO OF THE FUTURE" which will answer the marketplace’s need.

(1) A UNIT OF DIRT: When gurus say..."Get Grounded" they are often confusing words, because what they mean is "Get Dirty...play with dirt". Men naturally love dirt, dirty things, and sharing dirt. Some men like to get the real dirt on their friends. Some men, who are comfortable with their dog spirit, enjoy being dirty dogs. While this may seems startling to you, let me give you an oblique insight in our craving for dirt: consider the size of the industry whose products help us get rid of the dirt we have temporarily coveted...on our hands, bodies and clothes. Tens of thousands of men are employed in the "clean up men’s dirt" business. Then there are all of the professionals who want to help you get all of the dirt out of your mind, but that is impossible....and it would be tragic because we would be destroying the best energy in our spirit. And in the end it is where we are going.

The "dirt imperative" is a great business opportunity in cities where it is easy for men to get disconnected from the deepest dirtiest levels of their soul....EXECUTIVE MUD BATH HOUSES. For a fee you go and sit in a nice warm mud bath, then you take a shower, a sauna and go back to work....feeling more grounded.

It is too bad that American women are not as spiritual sophisticated as American men, because, as you know, most will deny that they have dirty minds. Because of this denial they will never be able to appreciate the restorative powers of mud baths and other really sublime dirt.

I am also considering a new supermarket product: Microwave Mud Baths for Hamsters. You buy the package and you mix it into a Tupperware container and then you pop it into your microwave for five minutes and you have a beautiful bubbling mud bath for your overstressed Hamster. (Remember to send me your heroic hamster stories)

The Three Piece Mudbath Suit: You put this all rubber electrically heated Brook Brother type suit on and seal it up. You open the "screw on" cap by the shoulder and you pour in the premixed mud. You then go to your favorite chair or couch, sit down, and plug in the cord and sit down and enjoy your favorite television programs. In just a few short minutes you will be squooshing around in nice warm mud bath.

(2) THE WORK YOU LOVE: Do work you really care about. This is work that challenges your soul. If you can’t create this from 9-5 find an extra curricular job, like tying trout flies, painting, making custom hot rods, building audio amplifiers. Your new job description: make your own meta-gizmos. Any man who doesn't do "I love work" is suffering deeply. Consider the work you love your existential compass. While you may not have many choices at your "normal" job, after 5PM you have unlimited opportunities to express the art that you art.

(3)TRIBAL MEMBERSHIP/BROTHERHOOD: Seek out your fellow tribe members. Find your brothers who share your passion and participate in this community energetically. Be challenging. Learn to dance with your brothers. Be vulnerable and be demanding. Make a contribution; serve your tribe, and the highest service more often than not it is your capacity to share your highest level of consciousness. But be humble...all men have 99% DNA of tree dwelling shit hurling apes that love to have fun. What kind of tribe should you join? Fishing clubs, bowling clubs, hot rod associations, religious orders, Internet communities…the key is participating with your heart in full gear

(4)CREATE A MET-GIZMO: Create those few things of beauty that connect you to the Wholey One. This could be anything from a kayak, to a music system, fishing rod....flower garden, basket, or amplifier. This is your tuning fork to that vast store of knowledge that doesn’t exist in "normal time/space". Which is why we find it on the trout stream, fairway, or race track. These works of art are the keys that opens the door to our beyond the beyond. Just think of this thing as your hot rod into experiential hyperspace.

(5) A UNIT OF LEATHER: One of the main reason most men do not trust conventional religious leaders is because this group never wears beaudacious leather jackets. I can speak with the authority of the common man....it is time for rabbis, priest and other holy men to elevate their spiritual energy.....an impossible task without a leather jacket....leather speaks of a man’s wholiness. We know exactly what a leather jacket says and we all know that our leather jackets are powerful protective spirit. This also explain our universal disdain for a brand new leather jacket with its squeaky immature feeble voice. I also suggest that we demand that all politicians start wearing their leather jackets in public, when they campaign... so we can tell the truth about them. You can not fake your leather. It takes about ten seconds for us to judge the quality of our brother’s spirit....just check out his leather coat.

If you don’t have a righteous leather jacket, let me remind you that it takes almost a decade for a leather coat to spiritually mature. It needs time to learn, listen and develop its power. That is why you should start today...go out and do it.

(6)A UNIT OF SPIRITS: Of course there are hundreds of spirits, and a man can go crazy trying to find out which ones work, and there is danger....there is the possibility of death. It doesn’t matter whether it is wine, beer, whisky, brandies, or any other type of spirits that bring you into more intimate contact with spirits....they must be used with respect. This is also about the art of balance and moderation, which is the most challenging for carbon based bi-peds with 99% ape DNA. These spirits are also an essential ingredient of ritual, especially love rituals between men and women. But spirits can also be trusting friends in our solitude. The mind created spirits as a modifier of mind, and when used with music, dance and sex they produce an alchemic reaction in humans that is equivalent to the joy of diving into a swimming pool filled with fresh home made whipped cream.

Spirits are very mystical and it is worthwhile exploring the eccentric "small batch" varieties. Seek out the exotic spirits. Learn to surrender to them. Make up your mind that what ever dance they inspire you will commit to.

Even the Greeks knew that spirits release the wild man, and when this wildness is treated as art, that is a very good thing.

(7)A UNIT OF WHEELS: Men have wheels in their DNA. This is no longer speculation. John Hopkins scientists just announced that they have discovered white hub caps floating in the male blood stream. And these scientists speculated that these must be popping off the helix of male DNA when it travels over rough roads. This explains why our mothers and fathers spend over $8 billion a year on wheeled toys for boys age 1-8. Male DNA loves wheels. If a man is married to a car that can’t love him back, his heart is broken, and there are millions of broken hearts in America, and Detroit is to blame. In the same way men need love, respect, affection, support, friendship, we need WHEELS WITH SOUL, because if our wheels don’t have soul we suffer. And that is a transcendent meta-gizmological truth that no one can argue with. There is no conning us, and millions of us are getting very desperate because of all the cookie cutter/jelly bean soulless autos and motorcycles that are in the showrooms of America.

If my choice in life is (1) SUV, (2) mini-van (3) sedan, then I am ready for the Mishima hari kari ritual. Off with my head. Thank god the "custom hot--reto car art" market is exploding with desire and opportunity. We can’t find our soul mate in showrooms, so what do we do? Do we sit around complaining? No. We create car art/meta-gizmo that is completely your own. Make it up. Take our time. It doesn’t even have to be big or expensive. It can be a VW Beetle or a Vespa scooter. But it ours, and it is our soul that is rejoicing.

What am I saying? Buy a Volvo or a Ford if you must, but don’t blame the emptiness in your soul on them. Go out and make your dream come true.

(8)THE PURSUIT ACCURACY: It is important to be accurate. We can’t survive without this skill, and it is a unique characteristic of four million years of male creativity. We evolved quickly because he who was accurate lived longer and got stronger. He who was the most accurate became the star of the tribe...and the teacher of the young. Accuracy skills still excite and they connects us to some "hot in the crotch" type good feelings...like dunking a basketball from half court, or catching a 50 year football pass on the run...or a long putt, or hitting clay pigeon, or spearing a wild boar, or hitting a fastball pitch...or the forecast of events to come....stock prices....or ball scores......the pursuit of accuracy is in our jeans, and I suggest you find some activity that permits you to explore this ancient desire and thrill.......like skeet shooting.

(9)HUNTING FOR THE WHOLEY GRAIL: Call it what you may...hunt, search, quest...hunt for something that you want very badly..... but it must be elusive, magnificent and demanding. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that hunting for women will be a satisfying experience...because you are the game and they are the hunter...and they are better at it.

This ancient hunting challenge is what every man needs whether it is the top of Mt. Everest or single-ended triode perfection......or a treasure....or a stamp. This impulse exists on many different planes, and hunting for the deer is just as legitimate as hunting for truffles, or, a state of grace.

The way we test our balance, our Wholiness is on the path.....searching for the Wholey Goose, or Grail.

(10)SEX IS HOT: Young men and men who listen to transistor audio gear don’t have a clue about sex. This is the one and only right way to have sex: Have sex everyday or as many times a day as you want...but do not have an orgasm. Do not have more than one orgasm a month. Make love a long time without any goals. This is the path to experiencing maximum erotic pleasure and spiritual transcendence. The Three Hour Non-Orgasm is the staircase to Wholey Groove. I am suggesting that you elevate sex from mere pleasure to a Wholey religious experience, and more. This is the ancient Chinese path and it puts maximum steam pressure in your boiler. Every thing you do will charged with this subtle sexual energy.

Soon you will to start considering sex as a ritual. The candles and their scent matters, the music matters, the flowers matter, the massage oil matters, the peeled grapes, whips, chains or whatever gets you in touch with the sacred central energy of creation...all matter. Because no man should judge his fellow brothers it is okay for you to need two, three or twelve women, or some combination of women and animals...only you know what ritual tunes you to your highest vibration.

Now you know why picking the right ice cream is so important. Just ask yourself this question: If God called you up and asked you to get Her some ice cream, what brand would you buy...and what flavor? Is there some reason why chunky chocolate ice cream induces such intense, palpable feelings of the Whole One?

Are you ready for META-SEX?

(11) THE LOVE PARADOX: Love is not simple, and can cause us to gain weight. Love is more complicated than a tax return. Most men have their ideas about love really screwed up for lots of good reasons. I also take umbrage at all of the modern media gurus who live in Bogusville. Love is very complicated and keeping it alive and vital is almost impossible using "normal" techniques, because normal is 2.1 marriages.

Men are emotionally much more complex than women, and when they are put into a small box they don’t work very well. I am writing a 1,000 volume set of books on this subject.

(12) A UNIT OF TOBACCO: Don’t use tobacco to kill yourself. If you want to kill yourself use doughnuts with sprinkles. Don’t ever inhale tobacco. Clearly there is a right and wrong ritualistic way to use the tobacco plant, and it about avoiding its capacity to destroy and release its ability to expand our mind. My article on this site, '"Let's Smoke a Psychotropic Plant" explores this subject

(13) BARBECUE: You will soon site our new web site AMERICAN BARBECUE MANIACS devoted to this subject.

(14) SPORTS: A healthy man is aggressive, playful and loves to compete, nothing melts away the repressed aggression that can turn into violence. Sports is also a superb way to satisfy our need for tribal bonding. It is also the existential glue between fathers and sons, and soon there will a web site devoted to this subject.

(15) HATS AND GARB: Man is means that you express your natural inner beauty with the hat you wear and the clothes you wear and how you decorate your body, and we are going to get into a very deep groove on this subject very soon.



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