First let’s deal with the inherent confusion in this question. Does this question mean?:

1. That men are giving dogs bad names like, Rover, Fido, and Butch? Maybe this question has some marginal validity in this regard because dogs deserve more distinguished names because of the nobility of their character, like Shakespeare, Aeschuylus, or Roosevelt...but I don’t think that is how this question is being used by the mealy minded.

2. That men are trying to imitate dogs and are doing a bad job and thereby insulting dogs. This is also an absurd assertion. Over the course of hundreds of thousands of years men and dogs adopted the best traits of each. Those dogs which were good at imitating men were continuously bred and survived. On the other hand, men who adopted the best traits in dogs were also better at survival. It naturally follows that when a man is imitating a dog he is at his finest. And it naturally follows that when a dog is imitating a man it is at its finest. This also explains why men and dogs are such good friends...they are brothers in spirit.

3. That the problem with men is that they can’t be trained as well as dogs. Now we are getting somewhere. Have you noticed the women who carry around those disgusting little dogs with painted fingernails and ribbons in their their pocketbooks or shoulder bags? Just thinking about those poor abused animals makes me sick. I am certain that for many women, that is their "dog model" that men should imitate...barfarama.

Let me suggest another point of view which deals with this question....


Each man has an obligation to discover the dog in himself and be that dog. It is understandable that women, who have been completely disconnected from the wild-side of their nature, should be jealous of the natural spontaneous wild man in men...the man who runs and howls with his dog spirit....and tries his best in this dysfunctional toxic world to imitate dogs.


The problem we face is not that we are too much like dogs...just the opposite...we are not enough like dogs. The price we pay for being overly civilized is the loss of our primal vitality and this is the root cause of the tragic condition of our social lives. If men were more like dogs they would be happier in their homes with their wives and families.

What is the price we pay when we return to our more natural and positive dog state? It is very small in comparison to the price we pay for being too tame...

So what if we put our nose up a women’s butt at parties and sniff around. What harm does that do? And is certainly saves us lots of time in trying to figure out who to trust.

So what if we grab onto some women’s thigh and start to hump it at an office party? Patting us on the head and giving us a dog biscuit will calm us down and is the best strategy to defuse any form of sexual harassment in the office.....and if handled right we will turn over on our back so everyone in the office can rub our belly....which is great for office moral...especially when the CEO feels the urge to express his feelings towards his secretary.

So what if we roll around on our backs in our office and chew on a bone, or our chair...when we need to unwind?

What offense is there for a grown man to pee on a fire hydrant...when there are no public restrooms...?


Just think how much more our children would enjoy playing with us if we were dogs. Just think how much better we would be at expressing all the love we feel to our families...especially when we shake our butts and lick our wives or girls friends all over when we see them. Or what about the fun we can have with our family when they throw a Frisbee and we catch it in our mouth. Or think about the new emotional authenticity when we snarl at that nasty bitch that lives up the block. Or think about how easy it will be for your family to give you gift on your birthday....instead of complaining...."I never know what to buy him for a present".

Be proud when someone calls you a is as high as a man can get while he is doing that special self grooming that only dogs can enjoy.