Expect the unexpected from Dr. Gizmo.

My pain is your gain. That simple statement gets to the heart of what an art/audio/music critic does for a living…I suffer so you do not have to go through the pain.

My advice is always about how to achieve MORE musical pleasure by choosing the best music making gizmos. Each year I give awards to those companies and products that truly expand our experience of musical pleasure in our home, and this year I am giving a very unusual award to HANG UPS …and it is because I have been in very intense pain, which means that you will realize a very intense gain….just give this peace a chance and I will reveal the greatest bargain for expanding your musical pleasure.

May begins car season for me and I started to restore my XTSAVNATO41GPS (see picture on web site) . This meant I was doing very non-normal physical work..lots of sanding, grinding and filing, because I was doing a "down to the bare metal" restoration. After one month of this work I was a doughnut of pain…my back ached, my shoulders were imploding, headaches galore, and I often awoke from the pain, and my hands were cramped…but just like Michaelangelo and his Sistine ceiling…we pay a big price for creation.

I also noticed how terrible my music system was sounding and immediately ran a check with volt meters and oscilloscope…but everything was "normal". Obviously my intense body pain was squashing my hearing, and I needed serious relief and went to my doctor who prescribed an anti-muscle inflammation drug, and though there was some relief, my back, shoulders and head aches were torturing me…and I couldn't stop the restoration process because I am both an audio and auto-maniac. I needed to call in the healing Marines.

So I sat my body down and asked…" What do we need…because we have had enough of this pain". My body, which is always much smarter than me, agreed and thought and thought, asked for a glass of carrot juice, and then said….

"Do remember ten years ago when we were riding our Hawg non-stop all weekend and driving back and forth between New York City and Canada? Do you remember what we did to heal the intense pain from Monday to Friday?"

Like I said, my body knows and it remembered how effective gravity boots and inversion were in healing my intense back compression. With these boots and the bar, I hung across my bedroom door, I hung upside down. The wisdom of relieving back compression with inversion is well documented and one hundreds years old.

I crawled over to my computer and quickly searched to find out if, after ten years, gravity boots were still available. As you will discover there has been great advances in inversion therapy and at the HANG UPS web site: www.inversiontherapy.com I found the perfect machine…easier, better, cheaper.

It took fifteen minutes to assemble my new Hang Ups inversion table model # F5000 III. This is a marvel of good engineering and I assure you that your twelve year old sister can put this gizmo together without any hassles in fifteen minutes. The Video Tape instruction is also super.

In less than two days of my "hanging upside down regimen" my back and shoulders sent me a dozen roses. And you guessed right….my music system started to return to its normal glory…and this is where the unexpected part of this painful adventure begins to feel good…

In another few days I noticed that something was happening to my music system…it was beginning to sound much better…better than it ever sounded…. and again I took out my voltage meters and oscilloscope to find out if there hand been any shift…and there wasn't. Was it the warmer weather? Were the tubes aging in…and I checked them all…and no matter what combination I checked..everything sounded more juicy..more real…more erotic..more sensual.

Perplexed, I once again sat my body down and asked him…"What's going on here?", and this is what my body sang to me, in a rap type song…..

"Our entire body is our hearing organ. Music is an experience that only exists within our body and that includes full participation of our glands, muscles, fluids, brain, nervous system, spine and toes…the whole body shabang…and the only way to get max musical pleasure is to cast off our "normal" body armor". ( See Time Magazine, June 5, 2000)

Following the bouncing ball: Because of my intense pain from restoring a car, I return to inversion therapy as a way of relieving my back and shoulder pain, and discover that by decompressing my spine…the center of my nervous system…my experience of musical pleasure expands.

What does this mean? Two things: (1) Before you buy another expensive audio/music toy buy the Hang Ups inversion table and use it…use it every day and use it often. This machine is an gigantic bargain compared to our "normal" toys and is less money than most digital interconnects. (2) every music lover, musician, every record producer, every orchestra, every recording studio, should have one of these machines…because the real frontier of musical ecstasy is not new and better gizmos, but a more open and receptive "body musical"….

Because I work at home I invert almost every hour on the hour for five minutes. Before an extended listening session I hang upside down for ten minutes. You too will notice the physical change in your body and how this expands your experience of music. Don't worry about obsolescence here. I can't think of a better bargain. You now have received the intense gain from my intense pain, and I am glad I could be of service.

Want to give a friend the ultimate cool gift? Give them the gift of expanded awareness.

                                          Dr. Gizmo


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