(1) The transcendent gizmo, (2) the totem that transforms (3) the self-reflective
gizmo that releases nascent genius (4) the object that coalesces the spirit of the user,
the creator and The Creator (5) the object that amplifies Wholiness (6) the harmonic
convergence of tool making DNA (7) totemic definer of position in tribal hierarchies
(8) the dematerial in material (9) the tool of ecstatic union

  • Gizmos:
    the universe of gizmos

  • Gizmophile:
    lover of gizmos

  • Gizmophobic:
    fear of gizmos

  • Gizmology:
    the study of things endowed with spirit

  • Gizmologist:
    One who works with, studies or creates gizmos

  • Gizmognostic:
    one who doubts a gizmos' power

  • Gizmarchy:
    Governed by gizmos

  • Gizmogenesis:
    the origin of gizmos

  • Gizmonostic:
    art of diagnosing gizmos

  • Paleogizmolithic:
    the period when gizmos were first created

  • Gizmonary:
    an ambassador of gizmos

  • Gizmonarian:
    one who has a broad view of gizmos

  • Gizmonaut:
    a gizmologist in hyperdimensional reality

  • Gizmolene™:
    a high tech grease for make creativity more efficien

  • Gizmolation:
    the celebration of gizmo energy

  • Gizmocide:
    sacrificial death to the god of gizmos

  • Gizmogent:
    over indulging in gizmos

  • Gizmolism:
    belief that everyone has inalienable right to gizmos

  • Gizmocracy:
    political system that encourages freedom of gizmology

  • Gizmoid:
    an artificial gizmological intelligence

  • Gizmimic:
    Natural process of how young men learn gizmology

  • Gizmopocalypse:
    The theoretical end of all Gizmo

  • Gizminimalism:
    Philosophy that preaches the use of Gizmos in moderation

  • Gizminimaliste:
    "Gizminimalist" who was influenced by Jean Hiraga

  • Gizmindless:
    Those who are not able to experience the spirit endowed in gizmos

  • Gizmindlessness:
    The general state of mind of the "normal" audio industry...

  • Gizmotomaton:
    Robotic device that can perform elemental gizmological tasks

  • Gizmotomatic:
    Is said of a Gizmo process without any human intervention

  • Gizmologic:
    - n. - organisation of thought pertaining to Gizmos

  • Gizmophonic:
    - adj. -of a recording by a gizmologist with the aim of capturing the gizmologically correct sound image

  • Gizmodrome:
    place where gizmos perform,
    or where gizmologist can land

  • Gizmotron:
    a triode vacuum tube in which the flow of electrons is controlled by an externally applied musical field to generate extasy

  • Gizmotheist:
    he who believes in wholiness of gizmos G-spot: short for Gizmo-spot the hard to find area in the aural orifice which can - if stimulated correctly with a SET appliance -causes a feeling of Wholiness

  • iGizmo:
    semi translucent colorful gizmo Gizmothermic: heat generated by gizmos, like the fires burning in your loins

  • Gizmonastery:
    a place where Wholey men go to contemplate gizmos

  • Gizmohell:
    a state where gizmos, gagdets and thingamagigs do not matter (anti-matter)

  • Gizmobile:
    gizmo with at least 8 cylinders and fins

  • Gizmono:
    a separated or divorced gizmo

  • Gizmo (name; proper noun):
    The good-natured mogwai in Gremlins.

  • Gizmasm: that ecstatic moment when the Gizmo resonates so deeply with the soul that the temple shroud is torn from top to bottom and there is a rythmic, spasmotic spewing of the creative "essence.

  • Gizmorgasmic: What is achieved when 2 or more Gizmophiles unite in Gizmobliss.


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