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"Man Is The Tool Maker"

                       Benjamin Franklin

I got an email from Adam:

Dear Dr. Gizmo,

All bible scholars got it wrong. The gift that the snake gave me was…the juice of the apple, was the juice of ecstasy, and once I tasted that…the mystery of male consciousness began. Of course before that all that Eve and I did was play checkers, and smell flowers, which was really boring. Is it too late to correct this misunderstanding?



It is so old we don't know how old it is because the experience existed before mind and beer existed. Ecstasy is as old as human sex, which is older than baseball. The first experience of ecstasy, when Adam shagged Eve, is the hinge point of human consciousness in the Old Testament. It is the most basic experience of human awareness. It is our pre-thinking way of knowing. The ecstasy response is programmed into our brain, facilitated by our glandular system, and is the fundamental "motivational mechanism" that permitted humans, with their puny bodies, and big brains, to triumph over a world that wanted to eat us.

Ecstasy, which feels like we have left our body and become ONE WITH someone some thing, or some force, is such a basic need that if we don't experience, we get soul mold. This explains why culture is so focused on providing this experience in almost every arena of culture from religion to sports. Ecstasy is the health food of the soul.


How did we pick up our spear, every morning, and walk out of our cave and face a world that wanted to eat us, knowing that we were slow, weak and defenseless? What mechanism was powerful enough to overcome this terrifying world? Hunger is not that strong, and we are not that stupid.

These questions will clarify: Why do you struggle to find that one bat that you can consistently hit with? Why does one kind of women turn you on, and others leave you cold. Why does the 1951 Studerbaker make your heart pound and a brand new Cadillac leave you snoring? Why is another man ready to give up his right arm for a new Cadillac and laughs at your Studerbaker? Why is speed so thrilling. Why does our heart pound when we watch boxing? Why is hunting and sports such a spine tingling sensations that are essential elements of male health? Why is racing your sailboat through a Force 5 storm so satisfying? Why does the music of Mozart and Madonna give you goose bumps, while Bach and Beetles make your best friends leave the room? Why is mortal danger and adversity the most popular form of male entertainment? What is the mechanism that lets us sink a golf ball into a "hole in one" when we can't even see the hole? Why do men say "War has been my most authentic experience". Why after four years (a world wide average), of happy marriage do we begin to get that itch for a twitch with another women? Why does Old Spice Cologne make you stand taller and Musk makes you puke? Why is Ashton your favorite brand of cigar and others taste like road kill to you? Why can you spend twenty four hours a day working , with great intensity, at your favorite work and not get tired, and yet, after one hour of doing accounting, or anything you hate, you are ready to scream or fall asleep? How do we know we are in the presence of a great spirit, and are so thrilled by it we are ready to sacrifice our lives for it, even though there is no concrete proof of its existence?

I could go on and one and on asking these type of questions which probe the phenomenology of male ecstasy, but at the end of this adventure the answers will be…because that is the way we males evolved…this was the best biological strategy for survival…it worked….nothing we are going to do is going to change this design….if we fight it, we die…and we must learn how to use it in the best possible way…accept it…..elevate it…celebrate it…and understand it…. it is our highest form of intelligence.

Of course, we are still recovering from the Victorian notion that our rational, thinking mind, which is filled with the best intentions, is in control of our lives. It is not, and this is so embarrassing to our "intellectual ego of progress" that we avoid asking…"What is the reality of how men respond to their world and create culture, and meaning?". The answer is a complex paradox, which we can not squeeze into a nice tight little box.

The reason I like to climb mountains, the reason I like to kayak on an open sea, the reason short fat hairy women with bad breath turn me one…the reason I do the work that I do is because HOW my brain/body responds to these experiences. The HOW RESPONSE is the physical thrill in my body induced by the hormone cocktail of ecstasy: endorphins, adrenaline and testosterone. While my hormonal responses are uniquely mine, which I label my ECSTATIC MATRIX, I am also have faith that there are large tribes of men who share my responses, which is why I can be certain of being a member of many male tribes.

An obvious example: I am a member of the tribe of men who choose to drive only Harley-Davidson motorcycles and consider driving a Honda a form of sacrilege, because Hondas don't produce the kind of stimulus our brain demands. Of course there are hundreds of thousands of members of the Honda tribe who lie awake at night and dream about the totems of their motorcycle tribe and will often write love poetry to them. The intensity of feeling we experience about very specific totems is a mystery, and we are often ready to kill and die for them.

From this point of view, one way to look at male tribes/fan groups is as a congregation of men who share the same hormone cocktail response to a stimulus, whether it is a large mouth bass, a religion, or, a sports team, or, a particular rock band…or, brand of car….all tools of male culture.

Again, tools are not just "things" for men, they can be powerful totems, because they trigger such deep primal physical responses. The difference between a tool and totem is that when using certain tools something quite magical happens in our brain/body…we are more alive, smarter, faster, braver, more intelligent, we tingle with the thrill of being alive…all of our senses are operating at max…we feel we more powerful, graceful and our genius is fully operational. And again, we can be uplifted to that higher state by our guitar, a flag, or, by our sailboat, and at the foundation of this ecstasy is the struggle we endured so we can be in this euphoric state. Without the struggle, the juices of ecstasy, our hormones, don't flow. No stress, no ecstasy.

This assertion also permits to return to my comments about the pill labeled ecstasy: there is no genuine ecstasy without the struggle to achieve it, and popping a pill isn't a struggle for mastery.

Ecstasy is the experiential foundation of our masculinity. This was (and still is) the mechanism of connecting to the whole shabang of creation….because if a tool doesn't "feel" right, it can never do its job properly…which is to extend and expand our male genius. We need a fly rod to cast our dry fly to that brown trout…fifteen yards away…by that rock.


Here's another nitty gritty way to understand this ecstatic mechanism motivates, and I learned it years ago on a freezing cold November morning in eastern Pennsylvania, with the snow falling…at 5 AM..and I jumped out of bed..all excited..and put on my goose down hunting clothes, and me and by buddies drove forty minutes to our deer hunting stand. While driving one of said…"What kind of crazy man gets excited about standing in the sub-freezing cold, up to his knees in snow, in the darkness, waiting for some dumb deer to come along? The answer is… a man who is not using his rational head, but is ready to suffer in the hope of getting the hunter's high, which is a more powerful narcotic than morphine or cocaine.

This mechanism is part of our brain program because it motivated us to compete for, and bring home the bacon, which is always physically demanding, often painful, often lethal work, and if it does not produce an enormous internalized physical reward….just turn over and go back to bed. I remind you that men, on average, lives seven years less than women. We give up these years as the price we pay for enduring the hunter's stress.

This also explains why the universal male initiation rituals, which is the transition from boyhood to manhood, requires the successful completion of a very painful physical task. This also explains why the absence of these initiation rituals is inhibiting our young men's development process….and why they are popping pills labeled ecstasy. This also explains why young men love to do dangerous stuff…from skateboarding to crimes, and spend most of their time learning to master tools. Men love danger because our body makes it a thrilling experience.

Though there are great differences in culture, when we step back from the stacks of beer, it is easy to observe how common the " deep thrill" pattern is, because men are men, and we need our dose of ecstasy juice, and when we don't get what we need we rebel, or, create new culture, or, we often destroy the old one…or, we become outlaws, criminals, or artists.

History is a record of the old ecstatic paradigms at war with the new ones….because what got us high yesterday is today's moldy cheese…but the eternal paradox dances on…the more it changes the more the pattern is the same. Archetypes reign supreme.



Just ten years ago the mechanism of our genius was discovered, and we now call them endorphins, which are the hormones of euphoria/ecstasy. When we get an endorphin rush we feel good…no, we feel a mystical out of body thrill…it is what we call "feeling high". Again, ad nauseum, this is what I label ecstasy. This is such a compelling experience that men consume billions of dollars of illegal substances in the hopes inducing this experience….but fail, and for a good reason. We all know the feeling of "bio-electricity" rushing through our bodies, like…when we are jogging, or just found Ms. Right, or, at a sexual climax, or when we just closed a big deal, or, our team just scored a touchdown, or, we put the pedal to the metal, or when The Rolling Stones pounce.

Why do we pursue danger for fun? Why are mothers always screaming at their sons to stop playing such dangerous games, or risking getting hurt? Why do we celebrate war and contact sports? Why is the pursuit of women, so often, more thrilling than the capture? How do we sustain ourselves through long painful adventures…like climbing a mountain, crossing a stormy ocean, or building a new business?

The answer is very simple, and we all know it…the greater the tension, the greater the stress, the greater the reward, and the reward is the explosion of endorphins in our body that creates such a powerful sense of euphoria that this reward justifies all the pain, suffering and tension of the pursuit.

This inseparable dynamic of tension and pleasure, is the only way the glandular rush which is so essential to our well being can emerge. This is as true for you and I as it Beethoven, to Michaelangelo, from Mr. Stone Age Cave Man, to Henry Ford. This is our compass in the storm. Our need for the endorphin rush is so essential to our being that when this mechanism fails, we fail.

The implications of this state is profound relative to our assumption that men need peace and comfort…not all of the time, because without stress, which is the foreplay of ecstasy, we implode.

For example, what happens when our favorite endorphin rush stops, and the thrill is gone? What happens when our favorite hobby no longer gives us a thrill? What type of crisis do we face when the women who has turned us on for so long doesn't do it for us any more? Or, what happens at work when we no longer get an endorphin rush from the work we do? What happens when the car that made us tingle every time we took the wheel, leaves us cold? What happens to the sport we played when it no longer gives us the thrill of victory? What do we do when our favorite music album no longer makes us dance? Why is hang gliding exciting and making toast is not?

The answer is…. we must take on a new challenge, because…WITHOUT TENSION THERE IS NO EUPHORIA,WITHOUT A STRUGGLE THERE IS NO ECSTASY We often use the expression…NO PAIN, NO GAIN, which should be converted to…NO PAIN, REAL OR IMAGINED (BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME) NO ECSTASY. For my purpose I like to say…NO CREATIVE STRUGGLE, NO ECSTASY.


I remember reading the words of Fritz Perls ( a revolutionary gestalt psychotherapist, read his autobiography: In an Out of the Garbage Pail) decades ago, when he asserted that the way we know we are finished with a relationship, or any pursuit, is that it bores us. Boring, according to Fritz, simply meant that we no longer physically responded to what once gave us a physical high, and then he went on to assert that this meant it has nothing more to teach us. This applied equally to a marriage or paleontology, to a sport or a hobby.

This concept of boredom equals completion is profound, because it implies that the only way we are in the "learning mode" is when endorphins are flowing. To fully appreciate this insight let us return to our days sitting in school when we were bored senseless by a subject. How much did we learn when we were bored? Or, what about the subject that captured our imagination, and we sucked up the knowledge, like a Hoover with a supercharger? When are endorphins are flowing we can't get enough of our "object of desire", and when they stop flowing, we want to move on.

Later on I will explore this "school of ecstasy" notion in greater depth.

The point is men need the experience of euphoria/ecstasy where we are most receptive, most open to knowledge. Again, the notion that what we want is peaceful, stress free life, is not only not truthful, it may be the life style that kills us. This is a juicy male paradox. What happens when men retire and they get bored because they no longer have a challenge? They die quickly. Of course, on the other hand, if we are living a typical stressful American life that is not balanced with ecstasy we also die. Stress that doesn't lead to ecstasy is toxic. This explains why so many men choose dangerous hobbies…because they can be assured of the endorphin rush they need…while their work is absolutely risk free.

Until such time that we re-design our male brain, or develop new brain altering chemicals, this is our reality…it isn't going to change…we not only have to accept it, we are challenged to make it work for us in the weird world we live in…which is the purpose of the Meta-Gizmo web site.

I am also asserting that the American epidemic of male woe is to due to our denial of this primal mechanism of our genius. Grunt if you believe you are more than MEN ARE BREAD WINNERS, A UNIT OF PRODUCTION, and a member of a well defined DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP.

What do men need? The same thing we have needed for as long as we have been men: we need the ecstasy that comes from the struggle of being human…elevated and celebrated.



Look at the American economy and separate out all of those industries that serve men's needs for cool tools, from wrenches to hot rods. Segment the different basic categories of "tools clans", and count the numbers of fans in each . If we could consolidate all of the companies that satisfy the needs of these "core male tool clans" and count the fans in each group, we would be looking at trillions of dollars, and tens of millions of men. What we discover is that we can't separate men from their tools. How can we work without tools? Obviously, the foundation of every male recreational activity are the tools that we use to have fun, from barbecue grills, to electric guitars, to dragsters, to golf clubs. The ultimate tool? Culture, and every tool is an expression of its own unique tool culture.

This is tool roots. We are exploring the deep wholey unity, the inspirational-primal level of the things that we need to inspire us. Yes, tools are alive, they speak and they possess wisdom. Yes, tools can be great spirits that inspire the bests in us. There are also bogus tools, which are very different than

beaudacious tools. Grunt if you know the difference.

Meta-Gizmo is not about shopping, it is about hunting, in the truest sense of the word. This is the hunt for a unique form of male love; tool love, and when it comes to love, ecstasy is the concrescence. My job as a techno-shaman is to help you open to higher and wider dimensions of your tool genius, for a very basic reason…so you can experience deeper more profound levels of pleasure. Remember the brain doesn't experience pleasure.

The basic premise here is that Hi-IQ men are compelled to hunt for those special "tools of ecstasy", the concrescence of tool coolosity, those beaudacious tools that release and amplify our nascent primal genius…tools that stimulate powerful, mysterious physical and emotional responses…just like sex and love, only we except and get more from our tools.

Here is an example to clarify this point: the female sex organ is a truly great tool, especially when it comes to making babies, but it can't go 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, or cast a dry fly, and while it can make its own very unique music, it does not have the expressive range of a Steinway piano, or a Fender guitar, and don't ever try to mow the lawn with it.

In a sense, Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin, were responsible for igniting the first spark of the Meta-Gizmo re-evolution because both of these rebels insisted that, contrary to the prevailing Victorian notion, man is an ancient animal, and is not just controlled by his recent rational mind, which is relatively feeble…but by powerful "primitive" forces. You might say that both of these radicals asserted that our rational mind is just the tail of a very smart over sexed artistic tool making hunting dog.

Dear Dr. Gizmo,

Desperately seeking tool advice….

Over the last two years I have received tens of thousands of emails asking me for advice about what tools to acquire, and I can assure you that the men who have reached out to me are hunting for those special tools that create higher potential. This is right. Just think of the all of the male tool lovers in America as a gigantic pyramid, with those who occupy the top of this pyramid being the most demanding. These are the men who reach out and ask for my advice…as America's leading (and only) authority on the tools of ecstasy.

Because these men are "higher" on the tool pyramid they demand "higher" wisdom, the type of "non-normal" wisdom that is not available through a "normal" tool paradigm, or "normal" media.

Do you get my drift sailor?….we are getting off the beaten track and I am guiding your into the deep dark wilderness of your soul, because that is where we are going to find the ecstatic treasures of life. And let me warn you…I wouldn't be doing my job unless I was upsetting your orthodoxy…and be sure to bring bug spray.


Let me remind you of the rich complexity of the male love heart: We not only love other humans, we love our tribe, we love animals, we love invisible spirits, we love ideas, and we love our tools. History is also proof that we are prepared to sacrifice our lives for what we love.

We love our Stradivarius violin, as we love our perfectly restored 1953 white Corvette, because when we use these tools our hearts are opened, our mind expands, our entire body tingles, we are inspired and are dwelling in the highest state of human awareness: all of these are the feelings that define sacred love.

It naturally follows that, as male humans, we need many different forms of loving relationships to be whole..we need loving relationships with humans, the Spirits, animals and our tools.

My point is that we have forgotten that tool love is an ANCIENT existential gyroscope for the male soul. Men need tool ecstasy because men need this form of profound love, and that is has been true for hundreds of thousands of years…and most American men either deprived, in denial, suffering from tool repression/depression, or, are getting bogus tool advice.



For quite some time scientists have wondered how stone age men, who had not yet created speaking, thinking or abstract thought, created a tool making explosion that dramatically changed the speed of human evolution, which was moving along at a snail's pace for millions of years. We naturally think that these cave men had rational minds, like ours, and they didn't. Yet, our brothers who couldn't speak or think invented art, culture and tools of enormous sophistication. How so? The answers can be found buried deep in the unique male brain/nervous system, which is the source of our primal tool making genius.

A theme I repeat ad nauseum is that you and I have exactly the same brain, nervous system, genius, and DNA, of those hunters who painted the walls of those caves 25,000 year ago…except we are much more repressed.

Chew on this tobacco: Our male "ecstasy cocktail" of testosterone, adrenaline, and endorphins "knows" exactly what tools work best, meaning, releases our highest level of skill. Pragmatism and practice rules here. Every one of us has experienced this stone age genius when we hit a 100 mph pitch with a Louisville Slugger bat…. that is part of us, or, when we throw a touch down pass, or, shoot a duck that is flying sixty yards above us.

We "feel" this primal genius when we stand, trembling, in front of a beautiful tool because our body "knows" it is right and we are ready to use it because our glands are pumping…like when we stand in front of a motorcycle, or sailboat, or skateboard. We are fisherman because we can "feel" what the fish feels. We are great hunters because we can "feel" how an animal feels, and can "read" the animal's signs, and, how instinctively to throw our spear or shoot our bow.


You know the feeling when you are in your zone of ecstasy…you are one with, you are flowing, you are maxed out with physical pleasure, you are at peak performance. "He is in his zone", is an expression is often used to describe athletes when they are in their groove, whether this is bicycle racing, car racing, to tennis. It is also the feeling we have when we and our flyrods or paint brushes are one. This is the state that we all aspire to and for the best of reasons: it is when our genius emerges. This is the deepest thrill of life.

If you have trouble understanding this notion just shift your meta-reference to dancing or love….you know the physical feeling when you are one with…the music, or the women you love, and how that is a very "non-normal" state, yet it is when you feel the most of who and what you are. Oh Glorious paradox of testicularity.

Again, our tool making genius is in our primal hormones, and these are the same hormones of… ecstasy: the hormones of sexual arousal, the hormones of the jogger, and the mountain climber, the hormones of the religious mystic, the hormones of the football player, and the soldier. These are the hormones of the artist and architect. These are the hormones that tell us when something is beaudacious. These are also the hormones that we don't feel when we are facing a bogus tool. These are the hormones that George Lucas told Luke Skywalker to focus on when he said "Let the force guide you". That force is in every tool making man.

Meta-Gizmo elevates and celebrates our tool making because every man needs exactly the right tools to make his life meaningful and joyous.



Great hunters just don't run out into the wild, we practice, we study our prey very intensely, and plan, and strategize….. because that is the only way to be a great hunter.

Will you join me in that sacred male place, the throne room, where Hi-IQ men study their prey and plan their search for their dreams? We are sitting on the potty and we are studying. We are studying….. either car magazines, fishing tackle catalogs, guns catalogs, or one of those other chock full of tools books, and we are searching for our dream tool, and this is right. Men are filled with dream tool energy because our imagination knows that a really beaudacious tool that will amplify our genius. Because we know just how thrilling this experience is we are prepared to practice, practice,…no matter the pain.

Our hunt for tool ecstasy engages all of our capacities, but in the end it is the thrill of use that consecrates the whole process. That bowling strike, that perfect tennis serve, that guitar riff, that charge around the race course…it is in that merging moment that it and us all come together…and no sooner do we have this higher than high experience, the hunt begins all over again. Dreams have power. Grunt if you dream about a beaudacious tool as you put your head on your pillow.

And, yes there are male Heavens devoted to your favorite tool ecstasy. Just check the section devoted to these very high places.


We are competitive, because it is the process of survival. The combination of testosterone, adrenaline and endorphins, and a big brain, creates an existential lens through which we see all human activities from art, to religion, to hunting, to making war and peace…and our sex lives. We must be competitive, because we have no choice because it is in our DNA, and this competitive impulse, when coupled with greed, can cause massive destruction, or when properly channeled can create the Sistine Chapel. Tool making is competitive, which explains why America's largest industry, the auto industry, financially supports auto racing. Tool competition is why you can buy today a computer for $1,000 that has more computing power than the computers that guided the first Lunar Lander. The competition between Fender and Gibson guitars, is the same as the competition between Honda and Kawasaki motorcycles…who can create the best thrills.

Who scored the most points? Who won the game? Who is the fastest? Who lasted the longest? Who has got the most money? Who has the biggest fans? Whose God is strongest? Which army is the most powerful? Which economy is biggest? What company made the most profit? Who caught the biggest fish? Who shot the shot the biggest deer? Need I say more? Grunt if the answer is NO.


One day while Isaac Newton (no relationship to Fig Newton) and I were sitting under an apple tree, as an apple fell he shrieked out…"Coolosity has its own ferocity and it is a constant velocity". This is very heavy.

Yet, all aesthetic judgements are relative. It naturally follows that all of our judgements about tool coolosity, and their concrescences…. their capacity to induces states of ecstasy, must be relative to each other, and user…right? For example, you may not get high on a driving a Type 57 Bugatti Coupe, but may feel passionately about new Ford Taurus. A bro' from Borneo may drool over a gourmet feast of fried monkey guts with roasted garlic, while our bro' from Malaysia is cooking up his favorite dog goulash because some new babe is coming over for dinner and he wants to be impress her. Get what I mean? Why does one musician swear by Steinway pianos and another insist on Bosendorfer?

How many men ever have the opportunity to experience and judge the competence of tools of potentially very high ecstatic potentiality?

Is it possible, that there are coolosity constants; those universal and eternal aesthetics that transcend the relativity of coolosity? The answer, according to Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton is YES, and I, as your trustworthy tool savant, will reveal them to you…very shortly



You will soon discover that I pound on the issue of personal integrity, which can only be achieved when we are being our paradoxical truth, and that means being the unique work of art that each man is.

As I am writing this the Discovery Channel has been showing a television series called, The Dawn of Man, which explores why we survived and Neanderthal man who lived along side us didn't. Their answer is we created art, and Neanderthals did not have the brain power to create these tools. The first art that appeared, long before cave painting, was body decoration and adornment with beads made from teeth, stones and shells. Clearly we were making ourselves into unique works of art. A brain that can conceive of art, and create it, has begun the process of symbolic thinking, and see reality very differently than a brain that can't create art. The art brain is a competitive advantage.

To summarize: The dawn of modern man, is the dawn of the male artification process; it is the most fundamental, the most primal expression of human consciousness.

There is only one of you, and this the male artification process is every man's responsibility, and to do it successfully we need Meta-Gizmos. Viva La Re-evolution




It is a good thing that men are not that attached to language, but rather art and experience. Language has always been feeble to describe what matters in tribal life...and we know that BEAUDACITY, that unique form of beauty that men have been creating for almost 100,000 years is beyond the power of language to describe. I dare you...try to describe the beauty of a perfect 1948 Chrysler Woody. Language is also ineffective at describing the beauty of sharing with our bros’..... whether that is on the trout stream, on top of the mountain, the touchdown pass, the installation of a new motor in our car, the hunting trip, or the search for Wholey Grail of Music.

Which forces me to confront the ultimate paradox of my work, which is to use words when I know how feeble words are. Yet, I have confidence in our re-evolution. The Internet is ‘GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" from the monopoly of control that mass media has had which is always a downward pressure. We are much more...more complex, more paradoxical, more vital, more filled with longing, passion, desire and creativity than can be portrayed on television, radio, magazines or on billboards. We are not the 2D glam boys of the media, we are much more.


There is a common pattern, an archetype, in the way men pursue beauty; beaudacity is the pursuit, the manifestation of masculine genius both in the material and dematerial world. Climbing mountains is the same as soldering circuits, painting a fresco, building a hot is the beaudacity imperative....we are burning for the beauty that only exists on the top of mountains.... or on the edge of the audio arts...or in our hot rods…and that is the dance I will do with you here….we are dancing to the top of the mountain in our search for the concrescence of coolosity.

I know by making the our impulse for beaudacity more apparent, you will be more confident in your divine "non-normal" (relative to modern American culture) hunt for meaning. Why would any man want to be Normal, if he doesn’t have to be…unless he either, doesn't have the confidence, or, has joined the wrong tribe?

The notion that a man is born by a cookie cutter is obscene.

So light up a cigar, take out your flint knife, chomp on a piece of barbecue meat, grunt, and let’s whittle a stick and let me repeat what you already know...a spiritual mature man is a rebel…like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Elvis Presley, George Washington…and you.

Which means we must rebel against the hippity hop hype that asserts there is a direct relationship between the intensity of our ecstasy and the amount of money we spend on gizmos, or, the quantity of gizmos we own....a philosophy that makes me upchuck the fried grub worms I had for lunch. This notion is anathema to the meta-gizmo way: the path wherein our spirit in the gizmo is how the key which opens the door that says BEYOND THE BEYOND, get its power.


Because young men’s imagination are not yet strapped down they are free to expand their imagination beyond "normal". As a young man I didn’t ask why (by the time I was six) I became fascinated by Eskimo’s, American Indians...why fishing and hunting had so captured my spite of the fact that I lived in Brooklyn....what could be cooler than going out into the open sea in a kayak and harpooning a whale, or shooting a Buffalo with your bow and arrow? Young men are too courageous to question the validity of their dreams!

Young boys don’t ask "Why?"....they only want to know "How soon?".

Which is why it is so important to keep the boy in us alive and well, and why it is so important to climb a tree with him, on his birthday.


More vs. Better

When I take my godson Lucas to a toy store he does what male DNA wants him to do...He wants it all, and who can blame him? If one truck is fun, then one hundred trucks is one hundred times more fun. If one Beanie Baby is fun than owning them all is all the more fun...and so male DNA wants to accumulate as many prizes as possible when it has a chance, because who knows.....we may wake up some morning only to discover that all of the animals may be gone...or there may be a draught...or famine...Hoarding makes sense to the hunter/gather DNA.

We are tribal, so it is obvious that he who has the most stuff must be the wisest and most powerful...and that is as true for scalps as it is for cars...MORE IS MORE POWERFUL....and if you doubt that just check your ancient history about all of the rituals our bro’s produced to affirm this wisdom of plenitude.

That is the old paradigm; the way of the hunter that we are transforming. I am asking you not to give up your hunt for the Wholey, only to focus it on the few meta-gizmos of meaning.

Transforming this tool horniness wont be easy, because every man is a lover of MORE tools..from electric drills to fast cars to electric trains. The paradox is that we must keep the toy loving boy alive in us, yet we must transform our primal toy hunger to a higher level of creative energy, and that is, again, what the Meta-Gizmo re-evolution is all about.



Because I am discussing the conjunction of our spirits with technology, the tools of the modern age, this may be difficult to grasp. In spite of the ancient roots of the meta-gizmo concept, let me give a simple modern example from Hollywood. In baseball movie starring Robert Redford, his co-star was his magic baseball bat, which was carved from a tree trunk that was hit by lightening and was endowed with magic powers that liberated his ability to hit home runs. The crisis in the movie comes when his bat breaks and he has to hit a home run with a new bat. Can he transfer his magic to this new bat? Isn’t this the story of Excalibur...the sword in the stone, which will only be released when tugged by the knight with a true heart?

The notion that our weapons are endowed with magic power can be found at the foundation of civilization. The most ancient weapons were decorated to resemble various animal spirits, thereby taking on their power. History clearly indicates that men spent a great deal of time creating their hunting weapons to insure they were filled with the right spirit. The movie Winchester ‘73 staring James Stewart is a modern form of this ancient weapon spirit myth. Any book you read about Samurai sword making will clearly state the goal of the sword making process is to endow the sword with the spirit of the sword the spirit in the sword and the Samurai can coalesce. It is the spirit in the sword that makes it an effective weapon.

It also amazes me how the modern mind can discount the notion of the thing endowed with spirit, yet what is a work of art? Do you go to museum to look at pigment, stone, dry clay, carved wood, and glazed porcelain, or to experience the spirit that is endowed within those materials?

When you look at Michaelangelo’s David, isn’t the stone alive?


Which now permits me to jive on the meta-gizmo, which is a point of view about life that is completely opposite than HE WHO OWNS THE MOST TOYS WINS, because the truth is HE WHO HAS RELEASED HIS SPIRIT AND TRANSFORMED IT INTO A WORK ART THROUGH HIS TOYS WINS

If you love hunting you need a weapon, from a spear to a rifle. You can only use one at a time, and you probably only need one for all of your hunting...but the important thing is for your weapon and you to coalesce, to become one, so that when it is time to use it, it carries your spirit to the animal, so you may take its life in a righteous way. If you are a bow hunter it takes months, or years, of practice and tuning, for this merging to occur.

If you a car racer, you work and practice for years so that this process can occur between you, your car and the race course...this is all about living beneath the mind level....this all about practicing your basketball shot for thousands of hours so you can sink a basket on the run without ever having to think...or throw your spear on the run, or turn the wheel with instinct.

If you are a musicians you will practice for years with your instrument so that you can liberate your spirit through need your instrument to express your spirit.


The Normal Mind can not be involved in this process of artification because this is the mind where a thing is just a thing. It is blind to the spirit. The normal mind can not paint a painting, create a sculpture, or hit a running rabbit with an arrow..or catch a football while diving...or dissolve and become music. The normal mind is the modern mind that can only see things as things, because the normal mind is the consumer’s mind.

The fires in our loins are burning for a small group of meta-gizmo because we can sense, with our deep ancient knowledge, what is cool; we are too smart to buy into the hippity hop hype of all of those things that are supposed to have soul, but can’t because there is none below the surface that can speak to us. Men can tell the difference. We can smell the truth. We can feel it, and no amount of advertising and media blitzkrieg can fool us. No celebrity spokesman or super model can convince us there is spirit, where there is none. This explains why big corporations must spend millions of dollars to convince us that there is spirit in their products...because there is none….most of the time.

Apple Computer seems to be good a creating Meta-Gizmos. Harley-Davidson, has genius at creating Meta-Gizmos. But 99.% of the world corporation are not able to create Meta-Gizmos, because how do you endow a thing with the spirit of the creator when the creator is really fifty MBA in a committee who have never experienced any form of ecstasy? Of all the American car companies Chrysler is doing the best job. Why? They are imitating the passion of Italian sports car masters of the 1960s.

The explosions of the, motorcycle, gun, fishing rod, business is all about men needing the liberation that comes with using a work art, a gizmo endowed with spirit; as a tool for exploring their passion.


Who knows, better than you, what your heart needs? How can anyone know your way on the path? Where you start is not where you will be in one year from now, and that is the way, the way is. We are all evolving.

When I look at the map of all the paths I traveled I often say..."Wholey Cow, why did I have to travel in so many circles to find the way?" And the truth is that I am still searching and am constantly amazed at what I am finding.

Be true to yourself. Tolerate the anxiety of not knowing, of failure along the way, of botched experiments; beware of dark forces, and have faith in your shining. Be all of you.

You are a work of art. Respect and celebrate that truth. It is your Wholiness.



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