Coney Island Dreams

Coney Island T-Shirts

From the past and into the future, Coney Island will always be alive in our dreams.
Dreams of a place and of a time, of carefree days, and fun filled nights!
© brings you back to this and more......

  All T-shirts are made in America
of 100% Heavy Weight cotton.

Steeplechase "Funny Face"

"This is "Steeplechase Jack" the symbol of George C.Tilyou's, "Steeplechase Park." The "Funny Face," invited all to come inside and forget their troubles. To laugh at ourselves, as we laugh at others was the lesson millions experienced in the "FUNNY PLACE" by the Atlantic ocean!

S,M,L,XL- $20.00 each.
XXL- $22.00.

"The Parachute Jump"

The anticipation as you slowly rose to the top of the majestic steel tower, that was the "Parachute Jump", and the jolt of excitement as the swaying chair hit the release and set you free. To gently float down as the panoramic vista displayed itself to you in slow motion, is remembered in this colorful sunset by the ocean in"Steeplechase park."

S,M,L,XL- $20.00 each.
XXL- $22.00.

"The Cyclone"

The "Cyclone", is the Godfather of wooden roller coasters. It's clackity-clack, clackity-clack, as you speed around it's three story high, and 58.5 degree initial drop, set the standards for chills and thrills, it takes your breath away! sit in the first car with your hands up and scream,"One More Time!"again, with us.

S,M,L,XL- $20.00 each.
XXL- $22.00.

"Steeplechase the Funny Place"

Millions have gone to Coney Island for a day of sun and fun. The throngs of people that overflowed the beach and the side streets of Coney Island were welcomed to "Steeplechase, the funny place," at the Bowery side entrance, by this three story high, palatial concrete awning.
Welcome One and All!

S,M,L,XL- $20.00 each.
XXL- $22.00.

"Steeplechase Funny Place"

Welcoming you to "Steeplechase, the Funny Place," at the Bowery side entrance, is this three story high, palatial concrete awning. This unique detail, of our turn of the century postcard, makes a one of a kind contempory graphic for you to wear.

There's no place, like the the "Funny Place" !

S,M,L,XL- $20.00 each.
XXL- $22.00.

"On the Boardwalk"

"The boardwalk at Coney Island" 21/2 miles of a wooden magic carpet along the beautiful atlantic ocean millions of people have walked the boards, come stroll along with fond memories and us, as we watch the sunset together!

S,M,L,XL- $20.00 each.
XXL- $22.00.