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The Triode Guild® is a brotherhood of musically insane thermionic techno-shamans who are shredding the perimeter of the ecstatic electro-mechanical aural matrix. What we do for fun is wrestle with the paradoxes of the audio arts and inherent time conundrums. The world wide renaissance of tube audio gear, and the disdaining of artistically immature transistor gear is directly related to the world wide expansion of musical consciousness. We the 21ST century's custodian of MUSIC QUALITY MATTERS are warning our less sensitive bros': In an increasingly toxic-bogus-dysfunctional existential metacontext with its impulse to "dumb down towards mediocrity", it is essential to create a compass in the stormŠhigher forms of musical ecstasy to prevent catastrophic spiritual implosion. The ancient Wholey urge for musical merging requires the most refined expression of the audio arts. Alas, and at last, we have arrived at a world wide consensus that only tubes have the artistic competence to transport us to the Nth Dimension of Music Hyper-Space, which is our destiny. We, The People, have embraced the Corpus Thermionic Harmonic Mysticum of these ancient glowing glass devices so that we too may musically glow. Are you ready for boundary dissolution when you become music? Are you hungry for more? Music just don't listen to it, eat it. ©

© Dr. Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg MDh.PhG
Guildmeister of the Triode Guild®
Thermionic Techno-Shaman


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